VEJA announces new Condor 3 – where sustainability and performance converge

French footwear brand, VEJA, have announced the newest edition in their running shoe line, the Condor 3, and the latest iteration not only boasts their most technical running shoe yet, but it also features their softest bio-based midsole to date.

For the everyday runner, the Condor 3 offers a running shoe which elevates the running experience whilst prioritising sustainability. Gone are the days when runners have to choose between performance and sustainable materials thanks to VEJA. VEJA’s state-of-the-art bio-based midsole is 43% sugar-cane-based and features sustainably sourced and organic Amazonian rubber. Underneath, the shoe boasts a grippy outsole with a full-length L-FOAM cushion for high shock absorption capacity for a comfortable, vibration-free, ride.

One of the ways in which the Condor 3 is pushing boundaries is in the softness of the midsole. The Condor 3 has an Asker C rating of 46/100, a marked improvement on the Condor 2 and notably softer than other bio-based midsoles on the market.

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the midsole to the entire construction process of the shoe. By partnering directly with local producers in Brazil, via their supply chain partner Log’ins, VEJA ensure the farmers that produce the raw materials are renumerated fairly by paying above the market price for their rubber, VEJA also disincentivise Amazonian farmers from choosing to farm cattle – a more profitable enterprise but one which contributes heavily to deforestation in the area.
Retailing at £160, the unisex Condor 3 officially launches on the 28th of March and will be available from and as well as selected UK retailers.

Key stats:
Drop: 8mm
Weight: 287g (size 42EU)

Pebax® Rnew® heel support insert (100% ricinus oil)
T.P.U. Panels
100% recycled mesh upper
100% recycled lining & laces
43% sugar cane-based E.V.A midsole
27% amazonian rubber midsole
27% amazonian rubber outsole

Featured Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash.

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