Unlock recommendations to cities’ best experiences and hotspots with AILEX, the brand new free-to-use AI chatbot

Playsee, the neighbourhood-centric social media platform that focuses on fostering local connections, has launched AILEX (AI Local Expert), designed to help you make the most out of your day-to-day activities in your local area.

Launched ahead of the busy, and often overwhelming festive period, AILEX delivers swift recommendations without the hassle of timely searches or endless queries. Whether you crave the perfect mulled wine spot, want to support local businesses in your Christmas gift shopping, or need assistance in selecting the ideal Christmas tree location, you’ll have the answers at your fingertips.

AILEX taps into Playsee’s local knowledge to deliver location-specific suggestions tailored to you which take the guesswork out of finding new hangouts and experiences. Plus, it lets you connect with nearby communities that share your interests, whether you’re looking for dog-walker recommendations from local pet owners, the city’s best martini cocktail with friends after work, or have a certain food craving you need a restaurant for.

Playsee’s new AI chatbot is all about making lifestyle recommendations with a local twist. What makes it stand out from other platforms, AI chatbots, and search engines is that you’re not hit with information overload. AILEX is the savvy companion that gets you. It tunes into your needs, considers your preferences, and even factors in local conditions like the weather to handpick a tailored selection of recommendations.

Engaging with AILEX is effortless – simply initiate conversations and seek personalised recommendations and community connections directly through the app’s navigation bar. AILEX tailors suggestions based on user conversations and interests, seamlessly enhancing your everyday lifestyle without disrupting access to other app features, with recommendations being more tailored as you continue to use it.

Terry Hu, AILEX Product Manager at Playsee, said: “Cities such as London always have so much going on, especially around Christmas, with thousands of options to choose from for a Christmas meal with your friends, through to finding that local independent shop that has the perfect gift for your family. We’re thrilled to launch Playsee’s AI chatbot AILEX to help you navigate between all of these options, while encouraging authentic connections with the communities around you this Christmas and beyond.”

Launched in the UK earlier this year, Playsee has gained over 1 billion user engagements and has 50 million downloads worldwide, bringing people closer to their IRL community.

Playsee is free and available to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on Android and iOS systems.

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