This Experiment Shows THAT ONE THING Runners Can Do To Improve Their Timings

Sprint To The Finish Line: These Podcasts Are Proven to Improve Your Running Tempo

To mark the launch of its new running club, HOKA has revealed the top podcasts that can improve your running time.

  • Newscast is the podcast that will help runners to improve their tempo by more than 6 minutes

  • The Infinite Monkey Cage, on the other hand, can slow runners down by more than 4 minutes

  • Comedy podcasts will cheer you and your running time up, allowing you to improve your running tempo by up to 3 minutes

Newscast, You’re Dead To Me and That Peter Crouch Podcast are among the podcasts that will make you run faster, while Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO and QI’s No Such Thing As A Fish can slow you down, according to new research.

The study of 24 runners by performance footwear brand HOKA has analysed over 60 10k runs to determine the top 18 podcasts that will make you run faster and improve your overall time.

Running has become one of the most popular activities to stay active and healthy with more than 60,000 Google searches every month. Whether you prefer running solo or as part of a running club, this list should have something for everyone.

The podcasts that will improve your running tempo 

  1. Newscast – In first position is the news podcast called Newscast which helped runners to improve their tempo by 6:18:30 minutes.

  2. You’re Dead To Me – In second position is You’re Dead To Me hosted by Greg Jenner. Listening to this podcast helped runners to improve their tempo by 5:37:00 minutes. In this podcast runners will not only improve their run time, but also learn a little bit of history.

  3. Uncanny – Uncanny with Danny Robins makes it into the top three. Runners improved their tempo by 4:44:30 while listening to this podcast. Uncanny is perfect for those fascinated by ghosts, UFOs and paranormal stories.

  4. That Peter Crouch Podcast – This podcast hosted by Peter Crouch sits in fourth position after helping runners to improve their tempo by 4:23:00 minutes! This entertainment and sports podcast is ideal for those wanting a first hand insight into the world of professional football.

  5. Saving Grace – In fifth position is the podcast Saving Grace hosted by internet sensation Grace Keeling. Runners listening to Grace improved their tempo by 3:07:00 minutes. This comedy podcast is recommended for those who are keen on breaking a sweat and a smile to start their day.

The perfect genre for your run

Looking further into the research, the genre that will make runners run faster is comedy, with 38.9% of the top podcasts belonging to this genre. Furthermore, listening to any comedy podcast such as The Therapy Crouch, Saving Grace or Parenting Hell, could help runners to improve their tempo by up to 3 minutes!

For those looking to improve their running time, but prefer something more serious, opt to listen to ‘Society and Culture’ genre podcasts such as Happy Place or Stuff You Should Know. Research by HOKA showed that listening to this genre could shave your 10k time down by almost a minute!

The podcasts that can slow you down

On the other hand, the study by HOKA also revealed the podcasts that can slow you down. While The Diary of a CEO hosted by Steven Barlett is a great source of inspiration, the research found it slowed down runners by 17 seconds on average.

The Infinite Monkey Cage and The News Agents were the podcasts that negatively impacted runners’ time the most. They slowed down runners by 4:20:15 and 3:11:45 minutes respectively.

You can find the full list of all the podcast that will improve your running tempo and the ones that can slow you down here –

Featured Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash.

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