These Common Daily Mistakes Devalue Your Home

Spring is upon us, and with it comes the months-long uptick in interest in the real estate industry. Did you know that May is typically the best month to sell a home at top dollar? Whether you are hoping to sell your house this year or are just looking to retain the value and build equity, it’s important to make sure you are not doing anything to devalue your home. 

Our real estate expert, Trey Danna, compiled a list of the everyday habits that significantly impact your home’s value so you can avoid them! 

Careless Daily Wear & Tear 

Regular activities like kicking your shoes off against the baseboard or your dog sitting on the same spot on the hardwoods might seem harmless, but they leave scuff marks and dents that degrade the home’s appearance over time. 

“Try to maintain a gentle touch and be mindful of your interactions with your home’s structure. That will prevent these seemingly minor damages from accumulating into something more serious,” comments Trey.

Lifestyle Odors

A variety of habits and occupants impact the scent of your home. The smell of smoke permeates fabrics, walls, and even the structural elements of a home. Life with cats and dogs adds fur smells and other odors to your home.

“Smoking in the home creates an environment that’s hard to clean and will repel health-conscious buyers. Keep in mind that even smoking in the garage can deter future buyers, as it can easily seep into the home,” advises Trey.

Improper Cleaning Practices 

Using harsh chemicals on delicate surfaces or neglecting to clean spills on carpets and hardwood floors promptly can lead to permanent damage. 

“Regular, appropriate cleaning maintains the materials’ integrity and appearance by preventing buildup on surfaces, safeguarding your home’s value,” comments Trey.

Neglecting to Close Windows During Bad Weather 

Spring is the perfect time to open the windows to cool off your home without turning on the air conditioner. 

“Unfortunately, it is also a time of extreme weather that changes from one hour to the next. Don’t leave your home for an extended amount of time with the windows open unless you check the weather or have someone to close them in the event of unexpected rain, wind, or snow,” advises Trey.

Improper Fireplace Use 

Regular use of a fireplace without proper maintenance increases the risk of a chimney fire and can cause smoke damage in your home. 

“Excessive heat from an improperly maintained fireplace can also damage nearby walls and flooring, significantly impacting the home’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Monitor issues during daily use and address them as soon as they arise,” says Trey.

Overloading Electrical Outlets 

We are all guilty of filling electrical outlines, especially where we charge our devices, but constantly overloading them is risky. 

“It increases your risk of a fire and can cause circuit breakers to fail and require costly repairs, a major concern for potential home buyers,” comments Trey.

Improper Disposal Practices 

Many of us are guilty of small, daily practices like rinsing hair down the bathroom sink or draining bacon grease directly down the kitchen sink. 

“Over time, these habits can lead to significant plumbing issues, such as clogs and damage, which are expensive to fix and can be a major turnoff for potential buyers,” says Trey.

Small decisions and maintenance tasks every day have a big impact on your home’s value. Avoiding these common pitfalls will maintain and enhance your property’s market worth. If you’re unsure how to handle certain home improvements or want to keep your equity, consider consulting a professional.

Featured Photo by todd kent on Unsplash.

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