The wallpaper revival

Wallpaper has always been timeless but it’s now set to make its mark as one of the top interior trends this year.

Amthal Karim, Head of Design at Furniture And Choice, shares the latest wallpaper trends, styling tips, colour and pattern ideas that will be big this year.

Wallpaper is having a moment now no matter what décor route you decide to take. In the past year alone there have been nearly 370k searches on Google related to wallpaper. Whether you want to incorporate it into your colour scheme or make a bold statement, finding the right wallpaper will transform your home. So what are the big wallpaper trends in 2024? Like many interior trends this year, the latest wallpaper trends reflect the go-to colours and shifts in our lifestyle.

Colour drenching is one example of a trend wallpaper fits right into. Since it’s all about decorating your room in one colour, choose the palette first. The wallpaper in the chosen colour can take up the whole room or one standalone wall. If you think it’s too much to wallpaper the whole room, don’t make the mistake and focus on one wall instead. For this trend, go for bold prints or even textured wallpaper to make the room feel less one-dimensional.

You can even tie this together with the wall panelling trend by adding wallpaper to one half of the wall and wall panelling at the bottom half. Painting the wall panelling in that colour will unify the space and give the room a soft, cosy feel. Combining wallpaper and wall panelling is also a nod to classic interiors and marks the rise of Regency-core thanks to the popularity of Netflix’s Bridgerton.

If you’re a big fan of floral wallpaper there are plenty of trends to choose from this year. For those who love classic floral prints, the modern heritage trend captures nostalgia with florals, checks and traditional patterns not just on wallpaper but also on fabrics and furniture.

Florals fit right into the botanical print trend (of course!) where the bigger (the print) the better. This is also connected to biophilic design where you bring the outdoors inside through interiors. With wallpaper as the backdrop, accessorising with indoor plants and bouquets makes it much easier.

Maximalism is another trend wallpaper fits right into. As we move away from quiet, minimal interiors, wallpaper is the best way to achieve this bold aesthetic. Go all out with a dramatic geometric pattern, colourful stripes or a larger-than-life floral or botanical print on the walls. After years of greys and light neutrals, this is the time to be eclectic and inject vibrant personality into the home. Don’t be afraid to show your personality through bold colour schemes like pinks, blues or greens.

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Featured Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash.

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