The ODYSSEY: The smart telescope putting the universe at our fingertips

UNISTELLAR has reinvented the telescope for CES Las Vegas 2024. With the new range of ODYSSEY smart telescopes, we can marvel at the splendour of the cosmos and explore the mysterious immensity that extends beyond our terrestrial horizon from our own homes, even from downtown.

“With the ODYSSEY, UNISTELLAR is offering a new generation of smart telescopes that are capable of revealing the farthest celestial marvels and of instantly transforming your stargazing evenings into adventures across the cosmos with family or friends, even in the middle of the city,” explains Laurent Marfisi, co-founder, and CEO of UNISTELLAR. “The incredible emotion of immersion in outer space, liberated from the complexities that previously meant only experts could access it, is finally available to anyone eager to travel millions of light years.”

A whole range of innovations:

The intuitive experience of ODYSSEY is based on two UNISTELLAR technological innovations. The Nikon High Precision Optics, co-developed with Nikon, makes astronomical observation an easy and enjoyable experience. The ODYSSEY is the first mirror telescope, the most high-performing category of telescopes for exploring the universe, which requires no manual adjustment.

The Stellar Autofocus provides a perfect sharpness during the journey to objects millions of light-years away, thanks to a fully automated focus system combining a smart algorithm and a dedicated motorized sensor.

Your guide to the wonders of outer space:

The ODYSSEY stands out as the first telescope capable of observing both nearby planets and objects situated in the depths of the cosmos. With the Multi-Depth Technology, a patented UNISTELLAR innovation, it can effortlessly switch from exploring the details of Jupiter, such as its Great Red Spot and atmospheric bands, to the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy, distant by tens of millions of light-years.

Light (8.8 lbs) and compact, the ODYSSEY stands out thanks to its iconic and refined design. It benefits from the help of the UNISTELLAR app, which transforms a smartphone or a tablet into a real intelligent celestial co-pilot guiding the telescope in its exploration, presenting the best space objects to observe from home while providing clear information about them, and enabling you to share your observations with your friends and family.

A range available now:

The ODYSSEY range is available in two models. The ODYSSEY, retail price £2,199, will enable you to enjoy this incredible experience using tablets and phones.

The ODYSSEY PRO, retail price £3,499, offers an even more gripping immersion experience, thanks to the Nikon Eyepiece Technology digital eyepiece co-developed in partnership with the iconic Japanese optics brand.

Because each space explorer is unique, UNISTELLAR also offers the ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition, on sale at £3,999. “The red hue, inspired by the groundbreaking technology embodied in this device, reflects the daring spirit of space travel,” specifies Laurent Marfisi.

The ODYSSEY and ODYSSEY PRO are already available, on the website and on

UNISTELLAR will be present at CES Las Vegas 2024 from January 9 to 12 alongside its partner Nikon (LVCC booth, Central Hall – 18724).

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