The future of the royal children: George to be engaged by 2034 and Charlotte’s new royal babies in 2044, AI predicts

As always, the royal family have featured heavily in 2024’s news cycle already – from doctored photos to health scares, first appearances to mending relationships, there’s never a shortage of stories to tell. With William and Kate slowly returning to their royal duties, Brits can’t help but wonder what the future of the royal family has in store.

In a bid to see into the family’s future, BonusFinder utilised AI tool ChatGPT to predict the potential royal headlines of the next five decades – and it tells a compelling story of one female’s rise to the throne in a modern and developing society. From upcoming pregnanciesmarriages and even space travel, here’s what AI predicts the future of the British royals will look like.


  • The results focus on the lives of William and Kate’s children – through marriagechildren, and new royal roles.
  • Could Princess Charlotte be the sibling who takes the throne?
  • Prince Louis‘ passions take him to new heights, not settling down until he’s in his 50s.

Three headlines were generated per decade, which you can find below:

2034 – 10 year’s time:

  • Royal Scandal Rocks Palace: Controversial Tell-All Book Exposes Intrigues and Secrets of Royal Court
  • Prince George’s Royal Engagement Announced: Future King Set to Wed in a Union of Tradition and Modernity
  • Royal Announcement: Prince William Unveils Plans for Modernization of Monarchy in the Digital Age

ChatGPT comments: “These headlines would spark a range of emotions across the UK, reflecting the enduring fascination and affection for the royal family, as well as the nation’s appetite for both tradition and progress.

2044 – 20 year’s time:

  • Royal Succession Debate: Public Discourse Ignites as Calls for Modernising Line of Succession Gain Traction: “We Want a New Queen”
  • Royal Family Expands: Princess Charlotte Announces Pregnancy, Anticipation Grows for Future Heir
  • Royal Family Adapts to Changing Times: King George VII Introduces Groundbreaking Reforms to Monarchy

Of the first headline, AI says: “The debate surrounding the modernisation of the royal succession would spark intense discourse and opinion across the nation. Traditionalists may feel apprehensive about changing centuries-old customs, while others may welcome the idea of updating the line of succession to reflect contemporary values and principles. This debate would likely ignite passionate discussions about the future direction of the monarchy and its relevance in modern society.”

2054 – 30 year’s time:

  • Calls for a Queen Reign Supreme as Princess Charlotte Assumes New Role as Regent in Preparation for her Future Reign
  • Kate Honoured for Lifetime of Service: A Legacy of Compassion and Dedication
  • Royal Family Embraces Diversity: Prince George’s Marriage to Partner of Different Ethnicity Celebrated Nationwide

ChatGPT writes: Overall, these headlines would evoke a sense of optimism and pride in the UK, highlighting the monarchy’s evolving role in reflecting and embracing the values of modern society. They would underscore the importance of tradition while also celebrating progress and diversity within the royal family.

2064 – 40 year’s time:

  • Princess Charlotte’s Ascension to the Throne: A New Era for the British Monarchy Begins
  • Royal Family Expands Humanitarian Efforts to Space: Prince Louis Leads Initiative to Address Challenges of Interplanetary Exploration
  • Prince George Takes on New Role as Royal Ambassador, Focusing on Global Humanitarian Efforts and Diplomacy

Of the second headline, AI comments: “The expansion of the royal family’s humanitarian efforts to space, led by Prince Louis, would capture the imagination of the nation. While unconventional, this initiative would demonstrate the monarchy’s commitment to addressing global challenges in innovative ways. Prince Louis’s leadership in this endeavour would be celebrated, showcasing the royal family’s willingness to embrace new frontiers and technologies for the betterment of humanity.


2074 – 50 year’s time:

  • Queen Charlotte Marks 10 Years of the Windsor Reign: Reflecting on a Legacy of Leadership and Modernisation
  • Royal Family Expands: Prince George and His Princess Consort Welcome Twins, Adding to the Royal Lineage
  • Royal Wedding Captivates the World: Prince Louis Ties the Knot in a Modern Ceremony Reflecting Changing Times

Intrigued by royal twins and the dynamic this would create, ChatGPT writes: “The expansion of the royal family with the arrival of twins to Prince George and his princess consort would be met with widespread joy and fascination. The addition of new members to the royal lineage would be seen as a continuation of the monarchy’s legacy, sparking speculation and excitement about their future roles within the family. The public would eagerly await glimpses of the newborn twins and celebrate the growth of the royal family.

Responding to the predictions, a spokesperson from BonusFinder comments:

“These predictions, whilst they may not be altogether accurate, are indicative of the UK’s obsession with the royals – we love the gossip, and we absorb royal news like no other country.

“Some of the AI predictions were rather outlandish, with sordid stories of financial dealings, mislabelled monarchs and incorrect Jubilees. Whilst the chosen headlines aren’t fully plausible – can we really see everyone abdicating before Charlotte to allow her to become Queen? We’d be interested to see which predictions do come true. Royal twins, space travel, marriage dates – the odds are on.”

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