The Cut your Heating Bills with Energy-Efficient Radiators

Upgrading your heating system to energy efficient radiators can help to save money on heating bills, as well as the planet. These clever designs offer excellent heat efficiency and look stunning in any room.
Shown above: Agora designer radiator with ultra-low water content £1028.25

Nick Duggan, MD, at The Radiator Centre has seen a big increase in interest for energy-efficient designs over the past few years, in both domestic and commercial markets.  Nick comments, “With energy prices at an all-time high it’s not hard to understand why both homeowners and businesses are keen to save money wherever possible.  Energy efficient radiators are more efficient because they tend to use lower volumes of water coupled with a high internal surface area. Less water means you don’t need to use so much energy to heat it. For example, aluminium radiators often have less water content and faster reaction times than their steel equivalents.”

**New Bristol Store Opens January 2024**

Nick, expressed his anticipation for the new Bristol store opening, stating, ” We appreciate that our customers like to use local companies and our Bristol showroom will provide people in the South West with somewhere they can come, see and touch the products in person – something that simply isn’t possible with shopping online.”

Above Left: Soho eco-sustainable designer radiator from £893.10.  Above right: Vela energy-efficient radiator from £525.66
With sustainability being at the forefront of everyone’s minds nowadays, the choice of energy-saving radiator designs has increased significantly over the past few years, as the technology continues to develop. “For the ultimate in low water content, the Strada range for example, contains up to 90% less water than you would find in a conventional radiator,” says Nick.
Shown above: Strada Hybrid energy efficient radiator from £564.60
Recent years have also seen a number of smart radiators being introduced to the market. Nick explains, “These are great for giving the user total control over their heating system, which in turn can help with energy savings too.  The ability to control the heating remotely means users can control every aspect of it, so the heating never needs to be on when it’s not needed.  It is easy to turn off or down if, for example, there is an unexpected rise in temperature in the winter. It can then be scheduled to come on later than usual, the thermostat can be turned down, or it can be turned off completely.”
Shown above: Decor Electric Vertical Radiator in Anthracite, from £1284.00
“The future for sustainable radiators and towel rails is very exciting with new designs being introduced all the time.  Manufacturers appreciate the need for energy saving models which mean consumers don’t have to compromise on style and the latest designs coming through are living up to this demand,” comments Nick.
Pictured above left: Sofi energy-efficient radiator with cooling function from £2030.40.  Above right: Strada Hybrid, ideal for use with heat pumps from £564.60

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