Tech guide launches to support 1.6M lonely older people this Christmas

Community Fibre launches “How to celebrate Christmas online” guide to help combat increased loneliness in older Brits

New research from Age UK reveals that 1.3 million older people will feel lonely this Christmas, exacerbated by ever-increasing bills and routine shops and services closing down. And with 2.3 million older people wishing they had someone to spend time with at Christmas, as well as 8.5 million people aged 18-35 confessing that they’d feel forgotten about if they were to spend Christmas alone as an older person, December highlights the need for Brits to reach out to the older loved ones in their life – more than any other time of the year.

To help those who want to show their older loved ones they care, but don’t know how, experts at Community Fibre have released a “How to celebrate Christmas online” guide, featuring tips and tricks to ensure the entire family is included in the festivities.

How to get rid of the buffer

The dreaded buffering circle – one way that’ll ruin anybody’s Christmas. Before we go any further – do your older loved ones have fast enough speeds to stream? If they constantly talk about their WiFi buffering, why not take advantage of Community Fibre low-cost full-fibre broadband packages? Packages start from just £20 per month for Gigabit speeds – perfect for a Christmas gift that’ll last!

How to watch a Christmas movie together

Watching a Christmas movie together has long been a tradition for many on Christmas Day, often accompanied with the pre-dinner festive snacks. One easy way to include the whole family, including older people who may not be able to make it, is to host an online Watch Party. Streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, allow watch parties, and there are a host of online extensions with easy-to-follow setup instructions that can let the whole family watch the Christmas classics – or argue over which one to watch.

How to have an online Christmas Dinner

Time to finally bust out the “special” food that’s been hiding in the fridge for weeks. Why not order a Christmas breakfast or dinner directly to the older loved ones in your life, and set up a Zoom call with their very own seat at the table? Help them feel a part of the furniture, and they get to enjoy the festive conversations and chatter over the dinner table.

How to watch the King’s Speech together

The time has come – time to gather around the sofa and enjoy this much-loved British tradition. Why not set up a FaceTime during the King’s Speech and chat about in real-life with the whole family whilst it’s on the TV? This way, you’ll get to hear everyone talking at the same time over the TV – what Christmas is truly made of!

How to reminisce on the festive memories

A much-loved part of Christmas is thinking back to the Christmases in the past! However, if the older loved ones in your life can’t make it this year, why not set up a shared album, so they can see what’s happening as it happens? The albums are simple to set up, and can really make everyone feel included in the big day.

Featured Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash.

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