Tech & AI Determine Tomorrow’s Innovators & Disruptors in a Dynamic Global Market

Who will be next to define what tomorrow’s market looks like? The Innovation & Disruption series demonstrates that it is today’s business leaders who control the destiny of tomorrow’s market…

The series aims to show that tech, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are not simply ‘buzzwords’. Instead, these intangible but nonetheless existent parts of the modern world are being capitalised by the companies featured in this series, to revolutionise their industries. By being aware of the latest technological innovations, these companies harness tech for business efficiency and to accelerate growth.

This month, the series features illuminating conversations with global leaders in sectors ranging from health and beauty to insurance and investment, featured on CBS News and Global Thought Leaders. Empowering the workforce and forecasting the future, these companies embrace tech and human resources to disrupt the present in order to define the future.

In the series, Crown Holdings and Ensana divulge how technological innovation is utilised to stay one step ahead of competitors in the metal packaging and health industries. Meanwhile, Avanci describes how companies can share their innovations and access those of others more simply and efficiently.

Leaders from Graham Capital Management, HAYAH Insurance and Kinaxis recognise the importance of data in the supply chain, insurance and investment fields. Despite the domination of buzzwords like ‘tech’, ‘data’ and ‘AI’ in corporate discourse, the role that humans play is never underestimated throughout the series.

Both humans and machines are necessary for successful business in the modern world since the trailblazers featured in the series effectuate the ideas that technology helps to standardise. Cutting-edge corporations such as Mölnlycke Health Care, Notino and Shell do not only rely on tech but also the creativity of their workforce to monopolise the market.

TBD Media Group, recently acquired by AIIG (Acumen International Investments Group) documents these nuggets of wisdom to inspire change and make business accessible in this digital epoch.

Featured Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash.

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