TBD Media Launch Interview Series with Global Leaders who Share Transformative Moments that Shaped Today’s Business Landscape

TBD Media are excited to launch their monthly interview series entitled ‘A Moment With…’. As part of the series, global leaders and CEO’s are interviewed about the moments that defined their career and carved their corporation’s position within the global market. These relaxed and open conversations bring industry leaders down to earth and demonstrate that business innovation is feasible for anyone with determination and ambition.

Where a company’s performance in the digital age is defined by efficiency and business accolades are measured by the minute, TBD Media has launched its A Moment With… campaign to prompt a success metric made up of moments.

In recent history, some of the world’s biggest moments include the first person to land on the moon, the internet’s birthday and FaceBook’s launch. Yet, these monumental events are difficult to numerically pinpoint in terms of their immensity and influence. Rather, these turning points are best captured by their status as world-changing moments.

That is why TBD is proud to present this month’s A Moment With… campaign. The interview series covers the life-changing moments that have carved a trailblazer’s position in the business landscape. Starting with a relaxed discussion, touching on the childhood and early business blueprints of the CEO, the sit-down interview delves into the fears, aspirations and challenges experienced by the innovator in their field.

As part of the December series, a trailblazer from the science and technology sector divulges what it takes to run a successful company and manage vast teams of people. As Paolo Zanini, TBD Media CEO states: “We are interested in the story behind the individual. A Moment With… will help demonstrate that business role models can come from any number of backgrounds, which is important.”

Through this campaign, TBD makes business insight accessible to the general public by publishing these interviews onto TBD’s YouTube. As Andy Chan, Managing Director at TBD says “A Moment With… provides viewers’ the impetus to inspire action in their own lives by utilising the wisdom of global thought leaders.”

The campaign’s personal approach to business aims to make a somewhat out-of-touch corporate sphere accessible. TBD Media hopes that spending a moment with the world’s most successful and influential global leaders motivates a future generation of innovators.

Featured Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash.

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