SRSLY launches low carb pasta to expand its impressive track record of healthier living, store cupboard essentials

SRSLY continues its ambitious drive to provide tasty, low carb alternatives for some of the nation’s  favourite ‘everyday essentials’ with the eagerly anticipated unveiling of a quality dry pasta (March 24).

When you consider that the UK consumes 8% of Europe’s dry pasta, with the average Brit comfortably consuming 3kg a year; it’s easy to see how the emergence of a quality, protein-rich alternative could spark a step-change moment that’s as significant as SRSLY stewardship of pioneering, low carb breads.

According to SRSLY founder, Andrew Welch, ‘Recognise for a moment that dry pasta is a £21m category in the UK, a lynchpin of weekly UK meal regimes that has come under real scrutiny in recent times on account of poor Italian harvests and a debilitating Ukraine war.  Factor in that wholemeal and gluten-free alternatives have already taken significant strides when it comes challenging existing pasta norms and you can appreciate that the Low Carb movement is crying out for a firm, non-pulpy pasta that avoids all the usual gritty and grainy pitfalls.’

SRSLY’s fledgling pasta offering is the Hertfordshire business’s 1st officially gluten-free proposition that can also claim vegan status by avoiding eggs.  Packed with ‘hero ingredients’ as diverse as pea protein, bamboo fibre and psyllium husk powder, that are high in protein (12.5g per serving) and fibre (19g per serving) yet with 75% less carbs than its traditional counterparts.

‘Penne and fusilli are our first priorities,’ concludes Andy, ‘but who knows where we might delve after that?  The joy of being an agile SME is that by keeping our ears to the ground we enjoy an unrivalled grasp of our consumers’ daily needs.  This coupled with our ability to wrongfoot sprawling big brands by bring new products to market  at pace means we’re well place to set the innovation agenda

In 2023 nimble SME manufacturers from across Europe were responsible for 75% of all new products launched     

In 2023 The Food & Drink Federation awarded SRSLY its highly prized ‘disruptor of the year’ an accolade that means so much to the ambitious SRSLY team.  ‘It would be the easiest thing in the world to prioritise elite/fringe products, however our overriding commitment is to support the over-arching needs of our diehards to lose significant weight, make better informed dietary choices and where required bring their Type 2 diabetes under control.  This is why bringing real change to leading commoditized categories remains our blueprint for success.’

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