Square Mile Farm Collaborate to Launch Indoor Community Farm in Marylebone

Square Mile Farms, in partnership with Concord London and the Harley Street Business Improvement District (BID), is creating an innovative, indoor community farm in the heart of Marylebone. The project, set to run during May and June, revolutionises urban farming using advanced, soil-free, hydroponic technology.

Located in Concord London’s new Marylebone Square development, just off the village’s famous High Street, this urban farm aims to provide fresh produce while engaging with the local community. Open to the public during lunchtimes, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the farm and learn about sustainable agriculture.

The introduction of this urban farm is the first of exciting new retail offerings set to open at Marylebone Square over the coming months, including Special Guests, a specialty coffee bar, and Neko, a health-tech company, complementing and enhancing the area’s vibrant offering.

In addition to public access, the farm will host various community activities. These will include educational visits for local school children and community groups in the mornings. Local businesses, residents, clients of Concord London, and members of the Harley Street BID levy payers will also be invited to exclusive evening events. These events will feature cooking demonstrations, workshops, and keynote presentations from industry and thought leaders. As part of the programme Square Mile Farms will be welcoming the celebrated architect, Carolyn Steel, author of ‘How food can save the world’, for a fireside chat with Square Mile Farm Founder and CEO, Patrick Dumas. The discussion will cover topics such as, the benefits of locally sourced food, urban agriculture and will explore how food has and continues to shape our bodies, lives and communities.

The launch of the indoor farm is timed to coincide with the World Public Health Nutrition Congress (10-13 June) hosted at the University of Westminster, as well as the annual Marylebone Summer Festival (09 June).

As part of Square Mile Farm’s commitment to community welfare, all produce not used during the events will be donated to The Feathers Association, a local charity dedicated to supporting families in need in the Marylebone area.

“We’re eager to bring this innovative project to life in collaboration with Concord London and Harley Street BID,” said Patrick Dumas CEO of Square Mile Farms. “Our indoor community farm represents a significant step towards sustainable urban living and community engagement. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on Marylebone and beyond.”

Chris Murray, CEO of Concord London: “Having lived and worked in Marylebone for the past 30 years, I feel strongly about playing a role in the local community and making a positive contribution to its future. Marylebone Square is an important and rare new addition to the celebrated neighbourhood, having reimagined a car park dating back to the 60s to create new homes and community spaces. This collaboration with Square Mile Farms and Harley Street BID is the perfect opportunity to introduce the new space to Marylebone, while also getting people involved with this exciting sustainable urban grow garden technology with snackable workshops and take-home harvests available each day.”

Nicki Palmer, Director of the HS BID, said: “The Harley Street Business Improvement District are delighted to partner with Concord London and Square Mile Farms to deliver an amazing Urban Farm in Marylebone. Seeing locally produced goods, grown and harvested in such a manner that can be shared as education pieces for children, learning opportunities for local people and puts the Farm at the heart of the community, is immensely exciting for the area. Focusing on gut health, fresh produce provides vital nutrients and where there is limited green space, we are pleased to showcase this initiative.”

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