SIXT’s travel expert busts common car hire myths ahead of Christmas travel

For those planning to hire a car over the Christmas period, SIXT’s resident travel expert Jamie Holt, Operations Director is here to bust the most common car rental myths. 

Renting a car can sometimes be an intimidating experience for those who don’t do it often. There can be a lot of rumour, gossip, and outright mis-truths when it comes to car rental. Here are five car rental myths and truths to help make the rental experience as swift and seamless as possible:

  • Myth 1: You will be charged for a full day regardless of what time you pick the car up  Many drivers think they will have to pay for a full day even if they pick their car up late at night, however, that’s not the case. While you may pay for a “day’s” use, that means 24 hours, as the clock doesn’t start until you pick up the car. If you were to pick up a car at 11pm and return it at 11pm the next day, you’d still only be charged for one day.
  • Myth 2: Red cars require the most expensive insurance – This is one of the most common car rental myths, however, it is just not true. Red cars don’t cost more to insure – colour is definitely not a factor in determining the insurance rate. So, if red is your favourite colour rent away!
  • Myth 3: You can get the same price with or without a booking – Booking in advance will always deliver the cheapest car rental rates allowing you to save some money that can go towards your trip. At SIXT, our early bird special means that if you book your rental 14 days in advance, you can get up to 20% off!
  • Myth 4Rental cars are old or damaged – If one of your concerns is that your rented vehicle will not match your expectations from a quality standpoint, let us put these fears to rest. Across all our branches worldwide we continuously strive to offer a fleet that is varied in size and shape but consistent in quality. At SIXT we offer a diverse variety of premium vehicles at affordable rates from some of the top brands including Land Rover, Audi, BMW.
  • Myth 5: You get exactly the car you book – Our fleet offers everything from compact to luxury, but it’s important to know that you may not always get the exact model you choose. If your selected car isn’t available at the time of collection, fear not you will get another car in the same category. And thanks to the premium range on offer, you won’t be disappointed!

Those taking the whole family on a Christmas journey this year are in luck as SIXT has introduced the Jeep Compass to its fleet in the UK. The compact SUV is the perfect option for travelling around the UK offering ultimate comfort, quality features and the latest technology.

Featured Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash.

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