SingleStore Elevates Human Capabilities Through AI for Good

SingleStore, the company behind a database that empowers users to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, is showcasing how artificial intelligence can be used to amplify human ability in a new Reuters interview. The feature, which airs on January 13 at 10 am EST, highlights how the company’s real-time data insights provide the foundational platform for enterprises to transform data into knowledge and action.

Real-time data — data that is fresh, in motion and delivered in split seconds — is the backbone of the modern world. “AI doesn’t exist without data, and that’s where we come in,” says Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO. “We give companies the ability to take all kinds of data at petabytes of scale, from a wide variety of sources and structures, and contextualize that data for AI in milliseconds.”

SingleStore’s database is a powerful, all-in-one tool that supports modern, real-time and generative AI applications. Its customer portfolio includes industry giants like Disney +, Hulu, Dell and GE. SingleStoreDB has been used to prevent fraud, save children from sex traffickers. prevent jobsite accidents and more — all use cases that tap into the power of AI.

Under Verma’s leadership, SingleStore has a core principle: the ethical use of data and AI should always be the driving force behind innovation, with the ultimate goal of augmenting human potential. However, this is only possible with SingleStore’s three-tenet philosophy: scale, speed and simplicity.

“When you bring data to AI with simplicity, speed and scale, you can bring huge, positive changes to the world,” says Verma. “Think about doctors who can focus on being human, bringing empathy and connection to patients while AI conducts copious amounts of research behind the scenes. Or engineers who are able to focus their time on the next great product innovation, while AI handles simpler day-to-day tasks, making them 100x more productive.”

Verma is also the author of the upcoming book The Time Is Now: A Journey Into Demystifying AI, set to be released in April 2024. In it, Verma interweaves insights from his personal life and lessons from the tech industry to unveil a brilliant expose of how humans can use AI ethically to amplify not only our intelligence, but also our actions and choices. Verma is set to offer a sneak peek of his upcoming book on January 17 at SingleStore’s wine tasting reception, taking place at the Hard Rock Hotel during the 2024 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. Verma will also lead a SingleStore delegation at the Annual Meeting, providing insight into ushering in the future of real-time AI and how businesses can use AI ethically.

Featured Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

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