Self Love Journals For Valentines Day from Lovendu

Lovendu’s journals are more than just pages to jot down thoughts – they are tools for cultivating mindfulness and achieving goals. By offering a structured platform for self-reflection, Lovendu enables users to navigate the complexities of life with clarity and purpose. Whether you’re seeking stress relief or tracking progress toward personal objectives, Lovendu’s journals are the perfect companions for your self care journey.

The Self-Love Journal (£22) is a beautiful journey to improve your self-esteem, grow confidence and learn how to love each and every part of yourself. This journal includes 14 weeks worth of self-love exercises with positive affirmations to remind you of your self-worth, 30 days of gratitude for you to practice gratitude and start the day off right. You will also have room to write down and track your habits, goals, progress and inspiration.  This is a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Find your self-confidence, love for yourself and live a happier life.

More gratitude, more presence, more perspective. Introducing the perfect tool for falling deeply and compassionately in love with who you are – the Romanticising your Life Journal (£22). With its beautiful design and quality paper, this journal is perfect for spending intentional time with yourself and owning your main character energy with no shame.

In a society that prioritises altruism over self-love, it’s time to embrace the romance of falling in love with yourself, your life, and experiences. Elevate your everyday by embracing and enjoying the mundane moments that make up the majority of our lives. With this journal, you’ll be reminded to look for moments of beauty and embrace minimalism, all while practicing mindfulness – the art of paying attention to the present moment and becoming aware of your physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions in a non-judgmental way.

The Wellbeing Journal, £22, has been thoughtfully crafted and designed to improve your mental wellbeing by providing a space for you to mentally unwind and reflect. The Journal enables you to be creative and reflect on your life which can be both powerful and positive. This beautiful, hard-backed journal offers 180 pages of journaling. Including a mood tracker, mindfulness activities, a space for daily gratitude, inspirational quotes, and cognitive-behavioural worksheets, amongst other great tools. Aimed to help develop self-awareness, relaxation, and improve your mental wellbeing.
The Happiness Journal, £22, will guide you to unleash your inner happiness. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this journal will take you through the different stages of fulfilling those needs. Including sleep & mood trackers to monitor your well-being, self-discovery activities for deepening your understanding, daily gratitude to cultivate appreciation, inspirational quotes to uplift your soul, and cognitive behavioural worksheets to support growth. You can dive deep into the incredible benefits of self-reflection and uncover what truly brings you joy.
The Anxiety Journal, £22, gives you the tools to become your own anxiety expert. A simple, easy-to-use guided approach to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for recording your stress and anxiety levels. This beautifully designed journal allows you to write down the negative situations that lead to your anxiety, identify triggers, and work toward cumulative goals. Featuring 180 pages filled with mindfulness activities, quotes, and places to note your sleep patterns, water intake, self-care activities you have done during the day, and goals you wish to achieve. This journal will be the active tool you need to conquer anxiety once and for all in 2024.

The Manifestation Planner, £22, will help you to create your dream life and discover the power of visualisation, affirmations, goal setting, and the Law of Attraction. Whether you seek career success, financial abundance, or true love, this planner is your guide to achieving it all. Gain clarity on your desires and receive practical inspiration with easy-to-follow exercises. From vision boards to scripting techniques, you’ll unlock the secrets of manifesting your dreams.

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