Revolutionary home dining concept delivers takeaway classics for 60% less than Deliveroo

Food Tech Entrepreneur Josh Magidson discovers gap in the market for ready-to-eat, value meals, created by talented independent chefs nationwide

HomeCooks is a unique and original at home dining concept, a two-sided marketplace where food creators offer customers a huge variety of high quality, authentic, low cost, pre-prepared meals which are personal to them. Challenging the food delivery market, HomeCooks offer tasty like for like dishes at half the price of takeaway classics. HomeCooks offers customers a huge variety of dishes including Italian favourites, pizzas, curries, stews, classic Thai, and Chinese dishes at 60% less than Deliveroo prices whilst supporting independent chefs.

With hundreds of dishes to suit all tastes and dietary requirements from Chicken Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice to Zingy Harissa Cauliflower with Butter Beans for a fraction of the cost of a takeaway. HomeCooks delivers straight to customers doorsteps in insulated and sustainable packaging attracting a wide and loyal fan base with over 100 chefs onboard and 20,000+ orders already placed.

Created by food tech Entrepreneur Josh Magidson, Founder of online takeout marketplace EatStudent which was later acquired by Just Eat and Founder of Zing Zing, a healthier, fresher version of a favourite cuisine which grew to become the largest Chinese takeout delivery chain in the UK.

Josh’s latest venture HomeCooks offers a cultural explosion of flavours benefitting both the food creator and the consumer, allowing food creators the independence to develop their recipes and produce high quality dishes in bulk. HomeCooks manages all the logistics and removes any upfront costs allowing chefs nationwide to sell their delicious and inspiring recipes to tens of thousands of users.

The benefits to food eaters are equally as attractive, the opportunity to order from 100s of quality pre-prepped meals, the chance to enjoy excellent food at home for a fraction of the cost of a takeout, and quick, convenient, efficient, and sustainable delivery.

Josh Magidson, Founder of HomeCooks said: “The ‘at home‘ food service industry is broken. It’s expensive to order from restaurant brands, its inconvenient asking customers to cook or prepare meals from scratch and microwave meals are depressing. At HomeCooks we can offer convenient, tasty and high-quality meals for 60% less than the price of an average takeaway.

 Starting and operating a food brand is expensive and almost impossible in the current economic climate. 80% of food brands fail in their first year. HomeCooks empowers food creators managing the operations for them and providing them access to passively reach thousands of customers allowing them the time to develop their recipes and do what they do best, create high quality dishes in bulk.”

Chefs Som & Tam have been working with HomeCooks for 4 months, talking about their experience they said: HomeCooks is a great concept, especially the ideology ‘eat well, support small.’ As chefs, its lucrative, incredibly convenient and allows us to be creative. We’ve made Chicken Satay Skewers, Pad Thai, Tofu Skewers with Peanut Sauce, Chicken Thai Green Curry and the team at HomeCooks really help us with the logistics ensuring customer satisfaction.”

HomeCooks is available to order nationwide. Explore the extensive food hall to discover the wide range of dishes created by independent and highly talented chefs at

Featured Photo by Lampos Aritonang on Unsplash.

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