Quick-Step, Vibrant hues for darker months

Colour block with confidence

After the fashion industry, the world of design has also fallen under the spell of the colour-blocking trend. A vibrant interior is the perfect way to brighten up the dark winter months. Will you choose a few colourful accents or dare to make a bold statement?

We highlight how choosing the right floor can provide a versatile canvas to support colours in your interior design.

The right colours to bring joy!

left Capture collection, Chic Walnut laminate from £35.49 per m2 right Impressive collection, Soft Oak Medium laminate from £27.99 per m2, Quick-Step, quick-step.co.uk

With the dark winter months looming, now is the perfect time to explore colours that chase away the winter blues. Which colours put you in a cheerful mood, and how adventurous are you willing to be?

Depending on interior style, homeowners can opt for a variety of combinations. Create harmony by choosing a monochromatic look with variations of a single colour or select analogous colours situated side by side on the colour wheel. Conversely, complementary colours positioned on opposite sides of the colour wheel create contrast. Consider, for instance, teal and red or amethyst and coral.

The more vibrant the colours, the greater the impact. Not only brightening your interior but also affecting your mood, each colour elicits different emotions and reactions, so it’s crucial to select a colour scheme that aligns with your personality.

Subtle colour accents or playful focal points?

Bloom collection, Brushed Oak Beige vinyl from £47.99 per m2, Quick-Step, quick-step.co.uk

Next, you can decide how bold you want to be. If using colours is new, it’s best to start with small accents like cushions, a geometric painting, or decorative accessories. These can be easily changed if you later decide to alter your colour scheme.

In that case, it’s also advisable to opt for a neutral floor as a timeless canvas. Choose a traditional oak design to always complement the latest trendy colour of the moment, or why not go for a contemporary herringbone floor from the Alpha Vinyl Ciro collection?

Capture collection, Brushed Oak Warm Natural laminate from £35.49 per m2, Quick-Step, quick-step.co.uk

These stylish patterns infuse dynamism into the room and pair perfectly with playful focal points.

Prefer a cosier ambience? Then, a dark wood serves as an ideal foundation for infusing a luxurious look into your interior. Since a dark floor accentuates warm colours, it pairs ideally with more saturated tones.

Make a bold statement

left Ciro collection, Botanic Beige vinyl right Ciro collection, Botanic Beige vinyl both from £49.99 per m2

Ready to take it up a notch and make a statement? Why not embrace bold colours with a vibrant floor as the central design element of the room? We bet you’ll leave a lasting impression as a trendsetter, and your interior won’t be easily forgotten! Mix and match with contrasting colours, and don’t restrict yourself to small accessories; go big.

Think about furniture, throws, curtains, and even walls to allow your personality to shine. Still a little hesitant? Then, keep central areas of your home a bit more neutral and choose a smaller space to experiment with colour, such as your bathroom or maybe even your loo. We bet you’ll have a smile on your face every time you step into the most joyful room of your home.

Illume vinyl, Soft Blush vinyl from £47.99 per m2, Quick-Step, quick-step.co.uk

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