Prospects travel more than 1,300 miles for Valhallan Discovery Day

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November, prospective franchisees from across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland met at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ealing to find out more about esports franchise investment opportunity, Valhallan. The two-day event was hosted by Dr Amit Sra and Vivek Behl, who recently secured the combined position of UK Master Franchisee following the successful launch of their Valhallan arena in Ealing. With the projected revenue of the esports market in the UK expected to reach £223.89m by 20271, demand for destination-led gaming opportunities for children continues to capture the attention of savvy investors.

“We were thrilled to welcome such a breadth of talent over the course of the weekend,” explained Amit. “The excitement was palpable so we can only imagine it will be a matter of time before franchisee-operated arenas open in key regions across the nation. Prospective franchisees travelled from as far north as Manchester and even from Limerick in Ireland to be with us on the Friday – we really appreciate their commitment to the brand. Like us, they’re passionate about bringing our educational and inclusive programme to all four corners of the UK.”

Amit and Vivek were supported by US-based Marty Flanagan – Vice President of Growth for Valhallan – and representatives from the brand’s valued UK-specific suppliers to educate prospects on the Valhallan franchise opportunity and support programme. Educational sessions included an overview of the Valhallan business model, key statistics and industry findings on the demand for quality, in-person gaming opportunities for the next generation. Prospects were even welcomed to take part in a guided tour of a Valhallan arena – complete with a timed gaming challenge!

“To be able to proudly introduce prospects to our concept in a very real sense was a highlight for us both,” added Vivek. “Our overarching commitment at Valhallan is to deliver a fun, immersive and inclusive gaming experience in our purpose-built arenas. How can we expect our prospects to feel invested in our model without seeing this ‘play out’ for themselves?”

Amongst the attendees was father and son duo, Rob and Andrew Brennan. Rob – former sports journalist turned council finance officer – and Andrew – an 11-year-old tech lover and one of the first UK Valhallan players! – were keen to find out more about the Valhallan opportunity.

“Andrew has been an avid gamer since he was about two years old, so we know only too well that there is so much potential to be had from investing in the UK esports industry. He absolutely loves going to our local Valhallan arena a couple of days a week – he actually goes to Amit and Vivek’s arena around the corner and he’s forever singing their praises. There was nothing like Valhallan when I was growing up and, as far as I know – even in the digitally literate age we’re living in now – nothing even comes close to the investment opportunity. The concept of investing in this for Andrew’s future really appeals,” said Rob.

For Andrew, the best part of the day was finding out about what it takes to run a Valhallan arena and opportunities for his future. “I know most kids wouldn’t be spending their day off at a Discovery Day, but I love Valhallan so much – it would be great to be a coach one day. I’ve been gaming for almost my whole life, but when I go to Valhallan I love that I get to be part of a team. I’ve made so many friends and it pushes me to be more confident. I’ve really enjoyed today and can’t wait to see what the future holds with Valhallan,” added Andrew.

With such demand for the franchise opportunity in the UK, Amit and Vivek plan to host regular Discovery Days throughout early 2024.

“We will also be exhibiting at franchising and esports events around the country from as early as spring next year,” said Amit. “The future certainly looks exciting for the Valhallan franchise investment opportunity in the UK, and we’re proud to bolster the brand’s success on British shores!”

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