Product innovation and value chain transparency: how All4Labels is leading sustainable label industry change

Both consumers and global institutions are pushing the packaging industry to become more sustainable. It is more urgent and important than ever to protect the planet by reducing waste and plastic pollution – and label converters play a crucial role.

As a leading international manufacturer of labeling solutions, All4Labels is helping to create a sustainable revolution throughout the packaging industry. It is a pioneer in digital printing, and offers many products, materials, and solutions with the circular economy in mind. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are core priorities.

Delivering a positive impact is a complex challenge. All4Labels addresses that challenge with product innovation, quality, and value chain transparency. Combined with strong stakeholder collaboration, the result is sustainable transformation not only within the All4Labels global group but also wherever customers access a far more eco-friendly portfolio of packaging solutions.

An important example is the group’s STAR portfolio, launched in July 2022. Many innovations within the range help to align the needs of brand-owners with those of our planet. Carefully designed products offer new tools to accelerate progress towards crucial ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ packaging targets.

“As part of our sustainability strategy, we have precise goals around product innovation,” said Paloma Alonso, All4Labels CEO. “We have been aligning with the all-important SDGs, in particular with numbers 14,15, and 17. The aim is to shape the future of the labeling industry, and to deliver a full portfolio of sustainable products and materials within 2030”.

The STAR Portfolio has been released to the market progressively, offering an exclusive and comprehensive range of labels and primary packaging that is 100% recyclable, and/or which can contain between 30-100% of recycled content. Packaging is made more suitable for recycling at scale, thanks to detachable pressure-sensitive label adhesives, and mono-materials for laminate tubes and flexible packaging. This supports an improved sink/float separation process during plastic container recycling.

“We are honored to have represented the packaging industry at COP28 in Dubai, and to have the opportunity to show our sustainability best practices, including reduced emissions made possible with innovative and optimized production processes,” said All4Labels COO Günther Weymans.

Thanks to a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge productive processes and technical services, many different labeling and packaging applications have now been made possible that contribute to circularity across the entire value chain. All4Labels is also committed to full support during material qualification, so customers can fully leverage better products and materials.

Featured Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash.

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