Over a fifth of ‘loved-up’ Londoners are set to hook up after a gig date this Valentine’s Day

  • 22% of loved-up Londoners are most likely to hook up with their date after a gig, which is higher than the average Brit (20%) new data has revealed
  • 45% of Londoners say they would invite a date to the concert of their favourite artist and almost one in ten (9%) have already brought someone on a first date to a gig
  • 37% of UK couples who are living as married admit they have booked a hotel room alongside their concert tickets to make the most of the night

Research suggests that gig-going Londoners are more likely to find love this Valentine’s Day, as over one fifth (22%) of adults in the capital admit that seeing a concert would make them more likely to hook up with a date, compared to other romantic outings. Independent data from YouGov – commissioned by ticketing marketplace viagogo* revealed that London-based lovebirds prefer gig dates to spa days (10%), amusement parks (15%), museum dates (15%) or a rom-com style picnic (18%).

Gig-going has proved a tried and tested way to break the ice, as viagogo’s study reported that 45% of Londoners would invite a date to the concert of their favourite artist and almost one in ten (9%) Londoners had already attended a concert or festival on a first date.  In fact, 16% of Londoners chose live event tickets as their favourite gift to receive, especially compared to adorable pets (5%), luxury goods (9%), clothing (11%) and wellness products (9%). Long-term couples beat the average, as 21% of unmarried pairs in the UK are wanting concert tickets as gifts. Amongst all Brits (single or otherwise) travel came out on top, as 22% of Brits believe a trip away is the perfect present.

According to nearly half the globe-trotting Londoners surveyed, the main reason why they would consider seeing a live event abroad is to make more memories with friends or loved ones (48%)**. This warm, fuzzy reason outranked others including potentially cheaper gig tickets (34%), better weather and scenery (33%) and a chance to discover a new culture (25%). It should come at no surprise that the same study commissioned by viagogo, revealed that Paris, France – widely recognised as ‘the city of love’, was crowned as the number one place where most Londoners had already seen a live show abroad (27%).

UK lovebirds looking to spice things up have sought to turn gigs into mini getaways, as 37% of UK couples who are living as married admit they have booked a romantic hotel room alongside their concert tickets. The YouGov report highlighted that this is considerably higher compared to 29% of married couples and only 26% of single fans looking to make the most out of their night. What’s more, the phenomenon goes vice versa as 55% of London residents agreed that when booking a holiday abroad they check if any good gigs are playing nearby**.

To combat the dreaded FOMO, 10% of Londoners have spontaneously video-called a loved one whilst at a gig to share the unmissable moment, which is double the national average (5%)*. If gig-lovers ever needed an excuse to buy tickets for an upcoming show, or are looking for a last minute pressie on Valentine’s Day – this is a sign to take that special someone to a stage near you.

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