New AI tech to revolutionize dogs’ long-term health globally, combating the third leading cause of death in UK canines.

  • 92% of dogs experienced at least one symptom of a gut microbiome imbalance in the last 12 months1
  • Over ⅓ of dogs suffer from diseases and conditions such as skin, joint or digestive problems that can be linked to microbiome imbalance2
  • 70% of a dog’s immune system is found in their gut wall lining3
  • Due to incorrect diets and pet owners’ lack of nutritional understanding, 50% of UK dogs are obese or overweight4
  • Widespread use of antibiotics, which devastate the balance of the gut microbiome, can cause prolonged adverse health effects5
  • Revolutionary UK startup BIOME9 is on a mission to re-define pet health through the application of cutting-edge life sciences and bioinformatic AI 

Research reveals that gastrointestinal disease is the third most common killer of dogs in the UK, a serious issue facing our canine companions. London-based BIOME9 has launched an at-home gut microbiome testing service designed to improve the long-term health and wellbeing of our companion animals. Using generative AI technology, BIOME9, the UK’s first gut-health test & personalised supplement programme for dogs, provides a window into your dog’s inner world to transform their health and longevity.

In recent years, there has been an influx in research surrounding gut health and microbiome imbalance in humans. Now it’s our time to examine and address the shocking gut health of our canine companions. Over a ⅓ of dogs suffer from diseases and conditions of the skin, joints and digestive system that can be linked to microbiome imbalance. Research has revealed that more than 50% of dog vet visits are for skin and digestive conditions – and that these conditions are often associated with the gut microbiome.6

Half of the UK population have a much-loved pet and are potentially unaware of the dangers associated with poor gut health. The BIOME9 GutDiscovery® test kit takes two seconds for AI to analyse over 1 million data points – it provides your dog with a voice, uncovering the secrets of the gut microbiome and revealing exactly what they need to live a long, happy and healthy life – changing the way we care for our dogs in the UK.

Backed by a team of scientists and veterinary expertise BIOME9 is on a mission to transform pets’ lasting wellbeing. TV vet Dr Joe Inglis, Head of Veterinary Science & Nutrition at BIOME9 said:  “Every dog is unique and now we have the science to know exactly what they need to stay healthy. This simple at-home test has the power to transform your dog’s long-term health and happiness, revealing exactly what they need to thrive and signalling a new era for how we look after our pets.

Seasoned entrepreneur, gut-health enthusiast, Co-Founder and CEO of BIOME9 Asher Nathan said: “Modern pets are battling more than just fleas. From the loss of natural diet benefits, excessive use of chemical treatments and antibiotics, global soil degradation and ever narrowing gene pools, their health is on a downward spiral. But there’s hope, and at BIOME9 we’re pioneering cutting-edge science, research and AI, to deep-dive into their microbiomes, identify gaps, and offer personalised support strategies to combat the effects of modern lifestyles. And in doing so, we’re hoping to redefine the benchmark for global pet health and wellbeing.”

BIOME9 GutDiscovery® Test Kit costs £149 with precision nutritional programmes starting from £22 per month. The mission for the business is to re-define pet health through the application of cutting-edge life sciences and bioinformatic AI.

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