Moomoo Technologies Featured in the CBS series, “The Innovators & Disruptors”

Moomoo Technologies Inc. (“MTI”) announced today that the company is featured in the upcoming CBS “The Innovators & Disruptors” series with its moomoo app, an advanced investment and trading platform that has been reshaping the investment industry with its easy-to-use tools, data, and market insights.

The current global financial markets present a 24/7 nonstop platform for both institutional and retail investors. However, the overflow of information on social media and the privileged access to analysis make retail investors less informed as they lack access to curated data and information. Moomoo entered the market as an industry innovator, focusing on the delivery of essential and pro-grade level tools and an intuitive platform to provide retail users more resources to make informed investment decisions.

“Moomoo is thrilled to be included in the CBS Innovators series,” said Chad Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Moomoo Technologies Inc. “We believe the moomoo platform is truly breaking new ground with its tools, community, and education. CBS’s Innovators and Disruptors series has explored a variety of industries and spotlighted companies leading change, focusing on the organizations that are helping to craft a narrative of success and inspire future changes. Companies, such as Starbucks, Microsoft, SAP, have been documented in the series for their breakthrough technologies and innovations.

The November series aims to highlight and showcase how moomoo’s technology in its short tenure has been making investors more informed about their investment decisions. The accessibility to various data pools, analytical tools, and the moomoo online community are disrupting the industry and providing more inclusivity, so retail investors can trade like a pro and understand the market like never before.

Featured Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash.

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