Minimaluxe Interior Trends from Quick-Step

Trendwatchers predict that minimaluxe, a blend of user-friendly minimalism and high-quality design, will be a major design trend in 2024. This style brings a unique sense of quiet luxury, which captivated the fashion world last year. Quick-Step floors align perfectly with this trend, offering both ease of installation and maintenance, as well as being a statement in high-quality design.

Take a peek inside the minimaluxe interior of professional cyclist Florian Sénéchal and his wife Margaux and be inspired by their stunning home!

Professional cyclist Florian Sénéchal and his wife Margaux

The essence of minimaluxe

Disegno Pure Light Oak Extra Matt hardwood from £71.99 per m2, Quick-Step,

The minimaluxe mantra is ‘less is more’. This interior trend focuses on simplicity and functionality, while emphasising high quality, luxurious materials and finishes.

Minimaluxe aims to create a refined, peaceful, and harmonious space that, while understated in decor, is rich in quality and comfort. The aesthetic is often subtle, using neutral colour palettes, natural materials, and discrete luxury details to create an atmosphere of ‘quiet luxury.’

The Sénéchal family’s home beautifully exemplifies this, where flowers and a rustic fireplace add charm to their modern interior, and warm, neutral shades enhance the harmonious effect of light and space. Additionally, furniture plays a key role, with quality trumping quantity.

Floors as the focal point

Disegno Pure Light Oak Extra Matt hardwood from £71.99 per m2, Quick-Step,

In a minimaluxe interior, simplicity shines through and so the flooring choice is especially significant. To visually connect the living room with the dining room, Florian and Margaux dreamed of a seamless floor across the entire ground level. They chose a herringbone wooden floor from Quick-Step’s Disegno collection, adding grandeur to the living space and also easing maintenance worries usually associated with wood.

With the patented Wood for Life technology, each plank is treated with a protective layer, preventing dirt and dust from accumulating. This saves precious time for the family, which is essential with two cats and a toddler at home.

New luxury

Alpha Vinyl, Bloom, Botanic Beige from £47.99 per m2, Quick-Step,

The couple also embraced the minimaluxe philosophy in other areas of their home. They opted for floors that merge high-quality design with minimalist comfort. For the home gym, important to Florian as a professional cyclist, they chose the Botanical Beige wood decor from the Alpha Vinyl collection. This flooring is warm, soft, durable and waterproof making it ideal for a home gym.

The upper floor is dedicated to cosy comfort. A Palazzo wooden floor complements the rustic charm of the authentic wooden beams on the ceilings, embodying the ultimate luxury of warmth and security.
Top left: Palazzo, Pure Oak Extra Matt hardwood floor from £84.99 per m2 Top right: Alpha Vinyl, Bloom, Botanic Beige from £47.99 per m2 Bottom Disegno, Pure Light Oak Extra Matt hardwood from £71.99 per m2 Quick-Step,

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