MC Hammersmith Takes Over London’s Leicester Square Theatre

Fresh off the success of his latest show, “Straight Outta Brompton,” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, MC Hammersmith is gearing up for his show at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

Raised in a middle-class setting and educated in an all-male private school in Hammersmith, MC Hammersmith transitioned from his privileged background to pursue improv classes and delve into freestyle rap comedy.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Linguistics, specializing in phonology, from the University of Edinburgh, MC Hammersmith merges academic knowledge with a love for hip-hop. His freestyle performances, characterised by spontaneous and unscripted rhymes, have earned him recognition at Fringe festivals and comedy clubs globally.

In addition to live performances, MC Hammersmith has found success in the digital realm with videos like “Posh British Boy Raps in Car,” which gained traction with over 10 million views on social media. His scripted hip-hop comedy videos have also resonated with online audiences. As a writer for the YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles of History,” he further solidifies his presence in the digital comedy space.

Fans of MC Hammersmith can catch him live at London’s Leicester Square Theatre, where he promises an evening of freestyle rap comedy. The artist’s wit and lyrical skills are set to take centre stage, providing an opportunity for audiences to experience his rising talent first-hand.

  • Lina Sociale

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