Luke Dejahang returns to acting with Apple TV’s Tehran

Following the successful release of BARDO (a short directed by BAFTA winner Michael Baig Clifford), British actor and producer Luke Dejahang is set to make his mark joining the cast of ‘Tehran’ and with a varied slate of shorts and features through his own production company, Rockwood Films. Luke won Best Actor at the Cannes 7th Art Awards for his performance in the short film CONFINES (dir. Richard Bazley) , which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and BRUSHING OUT THE CURLS (dir. Jason Wingard)  won The Bull Award at the 2023 Birmingham Film Festival.

Luke grew up in South East London and from childhood was extremely focused and ambitious; this led to his being cast in a number of high profile roles in the nineties and noughties that included film (BAD COMPANY, ASYLUM) and television (‘London’s Burning’, ‘Holby City’). Luke took time off to raise his family and set up the highly successful garden room and luxury gazebo company Crown Pavilions. Based in Oxfordshire, the company has designed for clients including royalty, celebrities, and even a local baker requiring a garden workshop.

However, the acting bug never left him, and he’s now returned to filmmaking with renewed energy for his passion, British independent films. Since returning to the industry in 2021, he has completed three short films, is in pre-production on a fourth as well as three features, and has wrapped  a major tv series, ‘Tehran’,  for Apple TV.

Luke commented: ‘In 2021 I decided to return to the industry as an actor; I really missed the art, the craft and my passion to act and tell stories that resonated with me. Wiser, older, certainly more experienced and perhaps a better actor as a result, I came back to work on independent films, tv drama and screen work that inspires me.’ 

BARDO, the first short from Rockwood Films, stars Luke as the eponymous hero, a factory worker and part-time nightclub bouncer who dreams of becoming a writer; the film, from a script by BAFTA winner Geoff Thompson, won Best Short Film at the Dublin Film and Music Awards and the Birmingham Film Festival.

Other Rockwood projects include: BRUSHING OUT THE CURLS, the story of EDL member Tony and his daughter, Tara, who is enthusiastically following in his footsteps, unaware of Tony’s true identity.  Written and directed by Jason Wingard, BRUSHING OUT THE CURLS is currently  being submitted to film festivals and developed into a feature.

Directed by Emmy nominee Richard Bazley and written by Neil Bason, CONFINES is a short starring Luke as a tormented man traversing life’s journey burdened by the weight of the voices in his head and a world he struggles to understand.

‘Having Luke as the lead in CONFINES completely pushed the boundaries of where the script could go. His utter dedication to the role married to an undeniably huge screen presence allowed me to take the story in wild, lyrical directions confident that the words would sing. when Luke delivered them. And wow, did he deliver!’ Neil Bason

In pre-production, GRANNY is a short which will be shot this year and  developed into a feature film (date TBC), GRANNY is written by Dan John Witherall and to be directed by Michael Baig Clifford, with Nada Cirjanic as executive producer.

‘Working with Luke is a joy. He’s collaborative, intelligent, incredibly talented.

His professionalism and dedication is truly inspiring, and his enthusiasm is contagious. It’s amazing to see him thriving like he is.’  Dan John Witherall


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