Love Lights Up Piccadilly: Norfolk Chef Proposes under London’s Iconic Screen

Amidst the crowds of Piccadilly Circus, love took centre stage as one happy Norfolk couple celebrated their engagement last night.

Polly Guy, 41 from Norfolk, gave Londoners a reason to smile, dedicating her note on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 Series billboard takeover to her now fiancé Tim Kemp, 50, popping the question ‘Will you marry me?’.

Kneeling in front of the Piccadilly Lights as the proposal note appeared overhead, Polly chose to share her magical moment with the world as she got on one knee to ask Tim, her partner of 11 years, to marry her.

Speaking on her decision to get publicly engaged, Polly said, “We’ve talked about marriage for years and always knew we’d do it at some point, so neither of us felt the need to officially get down on one knee.

“When I heard about the Notes by the Nation campaign Samsung was doing, I thought what a great way to make an engagement memorable, and rather than waiting for a proposal from Tim, why not embrace girl power and do it myself.”

Tim said, “Seeing Polly’s proposal on the big screen was an unforgettable experience – and having the support of the wider public as it happened made it all the more special.”

The couple’s proposal was one of a series of notes submitted by the public that appeared on the Piccadilly screen as part of Samsung’s ‘Notes by the Nation’ campaign that reveals the transformative power of storytelling and its ability to fuel inspiration.

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