London revealed as the most expensive place in the UK for a glow up

London has been revealed as the most expensive place in the UK for a glow up, according to a new study.

A new study by beauty retailer Justmylook analysed the cost of popular ‘glow up’ beauty treatments across 17 UK cities to reveal the price tag for the beauty aspect of a glow-up.

The beauty treatments considered as part of a glow-up in the study include hair balayage with a cut and blow-dry, gel nails, HD brows, LVL lashes, and a full-body spray tan.

The study follows the growing trend in glow ups, with Google searches for ‘how to glow up’ surged by 63% in the past month[1].

The Average Cost Of Glow Up In The UK

Beauty Treatment Average cost in the UK 
Balayage with cut and blow-dry £137
Gel nails £27
HD brows £29
LVL lashes £41
Full body spray tan £24
Total cost of a glow up £257

The study reveals the total average cost of a glow up in the UK is an eyewatering £257. This amounts to approximately 14.7 hours of full-time work, according to Statistia’s[2] figures on the average hourly wage for a full-time worker in the UK, highlighting the investment Brits are willing to make in their beauty transformations.

The research reveals hair balayage, complete with a cut and blow dry, is the most expensive beauty treatment that forms part of a glow up. This hair colouring treatment, which gained popularity in the early 2000s, gives hair natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights and costs an average of £137.

LVL Lashes is the second most expensive part of a glow up, with an average cost of £41 per set. However, once a set has been applied, infill appointments help reduce the cost of maintaining the look.

HD Brows follows third with an average cost of £29. This seven-step eyebrow-shaping treatment includes various techniques such as tinting, waxing, threading, and plucking to achieve a precise and polished look.

Gel nails have surged in popularity over the past decade, offering a more budget-friendly nail transformation than acrylic nails. Despite the smaller price tag, the study found the average cost of gel nails in the UK is £27 per set. With an average lifespan of 3 weeks, the annual cost of getting your nails done in the UK amounts to £468.

According to the study, the cheapest part of a glow up is a full body spray tan, with the average cost in the UK amounting to £24.

The study also uncovers the average cost of a glow up for cities across the UK to reveal the most expensive and cheapest places for a beauty transformation.

The Most Expensive Cities in the UK for a Glow Up

City Hair Nails Eyebrows Lashes Tan Total cost
London £198 £30 £39 £53 £34 £355
Bristol £175 £32 £27 £48 £24 £306
Edinburgh £171 £31 £29 £40 £28 £299
Manchester £152 £27 £28 £42 £27 £276
Aberdeen £141 £31 £33 £45 £24 £274
Southampton £142 £22 £30 £41 £25 £259
Leeds £132 £30 £29 £41 £23 £255
Cardiff £139 £30 £27 £35 £21 £251
Birmingham £138 £26 £28 £36 £22 £251
Glasgow £139 £22 £24 £39 £25 £249

The findings reveal London as the most expensive place in the UK for a glow up, with an average cost of £355. Residents of London will pay £98 more for a glow up compared to the national average. 

Unsurprisingly, the capital takes the lead as the most expensive destination for all glow up treatments excluding gel nails, where Bristol claims the top spot as the most costly priced at an average of £32. 

Bristol is the second most expensive city in the UK for a glow-up, with hair, nails, eyebrows, lashes, and tan treatments averaging a total cost of £306.

Edinburgh and Manchester also land a spot in the top 10 most expensive places in the UK for a glow up, with an average cost of £299 and £276.

The Cheapest Cities in the UK for a Glow Up

City Hair Nails Eyebrows Lashes Tan Total cost
Belfast £108 £23 £25 £35 £17 £209
Leicester £105 £25 £27 £38 £23 £219
Nottingham £107 £25 £30 £38 £26 £227
Swansea £119 £27 £31 £36 £15 £228
Newcastle £105 £28 £30 £46 £23 £232
Liverpool £134 £19 £28 £34 £22 £236
Sheffield £119 £29 £29 £45 £21 £243

Belfast is the cheapest city in the UK for a glow up with an average cost of just £209, £48 less than the national average. 

Leicester is the second cheapest place for a glow up in the UK, with an average cost of £219 and Nottingham is third with the average cost of £227.

Both Leicester and Nottingham claim the title of the most affordable places to get Balayage with a cut and blow, averaging £105, which is £32 cheaper than the national average.

Surprisingly, Liverpool, the city known for its love of glitz and glamour, is the sixth most affordable city in the UK for a glow up, which will set you back an average of £236£21 cheaper than the national average cost of £257. 

Hayley Walker, beauty expert at Justmylook, said: “Glow ups are an excellent way to boost your confidence, but the surprising reality of their hefty price tag can be daunting. While it might be an affordable treat on occasion, maintaining the cost of all these beauty treatments is unrealistic for many of us.

“Given the substantial average cost of a glow-up in the UK, reaching £257, it’s wise to research before scheduling an appointment to secure the best possible deal.

“For individuals looking for a more budget-friendly glow-up, consider choosing at-home treatments for specific aspects like nails or eyebrows. At Justmylook, we believe that feeling and looking good should be affordable for everyone, so making this switch can lead to substantial savings, potentially amounting to hundreds of pounds over a year.”

Explore Justmylook’s range of beauty products here including skin and hair care, makeup, tanning and fragrance for affordable beauty all year round.

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