London doctor who believes we all have potential to live 114 years will speak at summer festival

Doctor who believes we all have potential to live 114 years will speak at summer festival

A doctor who believes everyone has the potential to live a one-million-hour life is speaking at a major festival this summer.

Dr Alka Patel will be appearing at CarFest, the UK’s biggest family fundraising festival started by radio presenter Chris Evans back in 2012.She will be one of a line up of speakers at The Inspiration Hub, part of the event’s SpaFest, which focuses on health and wellbeing.

Alka, a lifestyle medicine physician and longevity expert, is on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives. She believes humans have the potential to live for one million hours – the equivalent of 114 years – if they embrace strategic self-care with health as a priority.

The 51-year-old from London, who has a biological age of 20, says: “I’m so excited about speaking at CarFest in August and sharing my story and ethos about a personalised and proactive approach to health. We are so fortunate to be alive at such an incredible time of transformative technology, where your ability to access your own unique information on how you’re made and how you function puts your health firmly back in your hands and puts you at the forefront of what is possible for a long, happy, healthy, successful life.

“Life can often feel so busy and it’s understandable why health can drop to the bottom of your to-do list. Health might not seem like everything, but without health, everything is nothing.

“Self-care is much more than bubble baths and yoga mats, it’s about getting to the C.O.R.E. of your health with Control, Ownership, Responsibility and Excitement.”

CarFest takes place on August 23 to 25 at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire. The event will feature a huge range of rare and iconic cars and musical performances by artists including Deacon Blue, Olly Murs, Sam Ryder, Beverley Knight, Scouting for Girls and UB40 ft Ali Campbell.

Other guests speaking alongside Dr Alka Patel as part of SpaFest include Dr Megan Rossi, known as The Gut Health Doctor, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, host of the Feel Better, Live More podcast and entrepreneur Baiju Solanki.

Alka first became inspired to look deeper into longevity after her own experience of burnout in 2012. Juggling her busy career as a GP with raising her three children, sacrificing sleep and self-care in the process, meant she accelerated towards her own health crisis.

Burnt out and exhausted, she was hospitalised with a high fever which baffled medical professionals, who struggled to work out what was making her so ill. In the end, her own recovery didn’t lie at the end of pills but in making positive changes to her lifestyle.

She headed to India to take time out and this trip gave her a new perspective as she met happy, healthy centenarians. After talking to a 106-year-old, she returned to London with a better understanding of how health impacts lifespan.

You can find out more about Dr Alka at and book tickets for CarFest at

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