Less Phubbing, More Loving this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, The Corner London City is on a mission to help couples rekindle the romance by encouraging them to step away from their devices and enjoy a digital detox. With studies showing that 71% of people spend more time with their phones than their romantic partners, known as “phubbing”, The Corner London City is setting the stage for a cheeky Valentine’s escape.

Kelsey Bacon, Director of Sales at The Corner London City, expressed the hotel’s desire to set the scene for couples to reconnect. “It’s easy for couples to get caught up in the digital world and neglect the importance of quality time together. At The Corner London City, we’re removing all distractions for couples this Valentine’s Day combining a unique romantic escape and a digital detox, so they can refocus their attentions on each other”.

To facilitate this, The Corner London City is introducing a special Valentine’s Day package that includes a complimentary bottle of prosecco and, as a unique touch, phone lock boxes for couples to use during their stay. With studies showing that 17% of women admit to interrupting intimate moments to check their phones, the lock boxes will allow couples to bed down in the hotel’s intimate Snug windowless rooms in a distraction-free environment where they can truly connect.

Who needs windows, anyway? The Snug windowless rooms at The Corner London City provide the ultimate private atmosphere for a playful and romantic Valentine’s retreat, ensuring couples have the freedom to celebrate and create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day without the distractions of the outside world. The ridiculously comfortable Super-King beds – complete with mood lighting built into its unique pod structure – help further set the romantic atmosphere.

Situated in the heart of East London, The Corner London City provides easy access to the city’s vibrant culture where couples can explore the eclectic shops, art galleries and lively neighbourhood by day before locking their phones away and bedding down for the night to the Snug windowless rooms for a night of uninterrupted romance.

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