Launching today – The World’s First Self-Warming Baby Bottle

Ember Technologies, (Ember®), the global design-led temperature control brand, will launch the world’s first self-warming Baby Bottle System into the UK market today.
Harnessing Ember’s patented temperature control technology, the Ember Baby Bottle System consistently delivers perfectly warm milk for feedings in under five minutes. Designed with safety and ease of use as top priorities, the System utilises triple redundancy protections and multipoint temperature sensing to ensure milk reaches the perfect temperature every time. Additionally, the lightweight and ergonomic bottle features a modular design for easy cleaning, filling, and assembly.

Key Product Details and Benefits of the Ember Baby Bottle System:

  • The System is designed to keep milk cool or extend the time you can be out and about with breast milk or prepared formula. You can then warm the cooled milk at the press of a button when your baby is ready to feed.
  • Feeding time is simplified when milk is quickly warmed to the perfect temperature. Babies tend to prefer warm milk, which in the past has been a long and fussy process, to get exactly right. The Baby Bottle System eliminates the extra steps and with one click the bottle is ready, at the perfect temperature, in 5 minutes or less.
  • At Ember, safety is the number one priority. The Ember Baby Bottle is developed with a triple redundancy safety check system to protect against overheating. The heating unit is embedded with multiple precision sensors to ensure accurate temperature control and even heating throughout the milk while guarding against hotspots.
  • The Ember Baby Bottle System connects to the new Ember Baby app, available on iOS and Android, to warm the bottle remotely for night-time or on-the-go convenience. The app also provides an integrated smart solution to track and monitor feeding timings, as well as baby’s growth.
  • Along with the nipples provided, the Ember Baby Bottle is designed and engineered to be compatible with Philips Avant, Natural Nipples. Plus, the bottle also works with MAM nipples.

Perfect for use at home or on the go, the Ember Baby Bottle System includes all the essentials for infant feeding. When milk needs to be warmed, simply place the bottle on the Smart Warming Puck and with a press of a button, milk is warmed to precise body temperature, the ideal temperature for formula or breast milk. Designed with portability in mind, once the puck is fully charged, it can be unplugged to be used to warm milk on the go. Additionally, the System includes an Insulating Thermal Dome that fits easily into a handbag or baby bag and keeps milk cool for up to four hours.

The company partnered with Pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Altmann, on the development of the Ember Baby Bottle System and app. “As a pediatrician who has specialised in helping babies feed, grow and develop, for over 20 years, I have enjoyed working with Ember on this innovative product. The technology featured in this bottle will be a game changer for parents who can now easily feed their baby the perfect temperature milk at home or on the go at the push of a button.”

The Ember Baby Bottle System is currently available exclusively at Harrods
and from 2nd May. The system retails for £449. To learn more, visit or

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