HARIBO Launches Free Christmas Game to Make Light of Mishaps

HARIBO launches festive game packed with sweet treats to help grown-ups see the funny side when things don’t go to plan at Christmas

  • New research from HARIBO shows that Christmas doesn’t always go to plan, as 86% experience mishaps over the festive season.
  • 64% of grown-ups are in the pursuit of perfection, wanting the festivities to be faultless. But, if we don’t see the fun side, adults can risk losing sight of what Christmas is all about. The pressure leads to people getting stressed (25%) and frustrated (23%) when mishaps happen.
  • To help, HARIBO is encouraging the nation to see these mishaps with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, and to turn mishaps into funny stories for the future with the HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo Box – a fun filled game to help diffuse festive frustrations.
  • Head to www.haribo.com and share your best Christmas Mishap story. If it makes the cut, HARIBO will send you a free limited-edition HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo box.

HARIBO polled 2,000 people across the UK, and found 38% of us have one to three silly mishaps each year, with December 20th marked as the day it starts to go wrong. Top of the flops include tangling the fairy lights, running out of gift wrap and smashing beloved baubles by mistake. 17% of those asked, blame themselves most for causing the festive blunders. But if you ask a kid, Christmas isn’t about perfection. It’s about fun, friends, and family. The UK’s leading sweet maker’s research reveals that 27% say Christmas is their favourite time of year, and 64% of grownups want the Yuletide to be as perfect as possible.

To help, this Christmas, HARIBO, is encouraging the nation to see those festive mishaps with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, and to turn mishaps into silly stories for the future by creating HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo. It’s a playful, festive game for the whole family that reminds us to see the funny side when things go wrong at Christmas.

Just like an advent calendar, behind each of the 25 windows is a delicious mini bag of HARIBO sweets. When a mishap happens, simply match it to one of the windows on the box and shout BINGO and claim a bag of HARIBO diffusing the mishap with some sweet relief. Each of the windows opens with a fun phrase reminding you to have fun when things go wrong. To get your hands on this Christmas’ must have game, head to HARIBO.com and share your own personal Christmas mishap for a chance to have one sent to you. But hurry, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

There is hope for fun this Christmas as nearly one in five (17%) say mishaps make it feel like a real Christmas, with a further 42% agreeing that they can’t remember a Christmas when they weren’t able to see the funny side to mishaps, and 41% believe that these mishaps can later become funny stories and memories to share.

Phil Murphy, Marketing Director at HARIBO said: “We have launched HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo – a playful game packed with delicious HARIBO sweets to help people see the funny side of mishaps when things inevitably go wrong. Every time a mishap happens at home, simply shout BINGO and open the matching window to claim a pack of HARIBO! The game encourages you to see mishaps with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, as they are often the first ones to see the funny side of things.” TOP OF THE FLOPS: It’s okay that mishaps happen. These are the 20 most common mishaps from across the country.

1. Tangled fairy lights

2. Eating too much and feeling ill

3. Smashing a bauble by mistake

4. Running out of fridge/freezer space

5. Running out of gift wrap

6. Leaving a price tag on a present

7. Batteries not being included in a gift and not having any in the house

8. Not getting a present for someone who got one for you

9. Rubbish weather ruining a festive walk

10. Dropping food on the floor

11. Having to buy gifts last minute on Christmas Eve

12. Pets pulling down decorations

13. Christmas tree falling over

14. Forgetting to buy someone a present

15. Getting food stains on your favourite outfit

16. Leaving a gift at home

17. Hiding presents and finding them years later

18. Family arguments over board games

19. Not having enough space to sit down

20. Power cuts

Head to www.haribo.com and share your best Christmas mishap story. If it makes the cut, HARIBO will send you a free HARIBO Christmas Mishap Bingo box. Boxes are limited edition – so when they’re gone, they’re gone. The nation has spoken. Because, when mishaps happen, hand them HARIBO.

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