Grey Trends for 2024

Grey Tone Trends

Roll over magnolia, grey tones are the new neutral.

Grey tones are helping homeowners create a cohesive style that can easily support changing trends and colour pops.

From matching with colours, such as fuzzy peach, pastels, and beige, to acting as a contrast with rich greens, blues, and whites; grey tones are considered an adaptable choice that has grown in popularity over recent years.

Regarding styles, grey offers a strong foundation that works comfortably with traditional and modern home trends, highlighted by over 400k takes on #greyhome interiors on social media platforms.

Cool & Calming

Hampstead Hand Woven Wilton Random Loop in 100% Wool from £101 per m2, Riviera Home,

Luxury carpets provide comfort while their light grey tones add an element of calm to the busiest of homes. Riviera Home’s 100% hand-woven carpets provide a durable solution while pampering the fussiest of toes.

Abstract vs Tradition

top left Craft Papercut collection, 9366 String from £175 (80 x 150cm) top right Meditation Swim collection, 9353 Grit from £175 (80 x 150cm) bottom left Fading World Kirman collection, 9376 Quartz from £175 (80 x 150cm), Louis De Poortere,

From the abstract deconstructed aesthetic of Papercut to the rhythmic calm of Swim, Louis De Poortere highlights how grey rugs can offer conversational accessories that provide practicality and comfort.

Dark & Decadent

Stainfree Pure Elegance, Black Raven from £25 per m2, Abingdon Flooring,

This new, elegant carpet collection from Abingdon Flooring offers a soft and stylish solution, with the rich charcoal of Black Raven introducing drama to any scheme.

Muted or Bold?

left to right Aspire collection, Achilles cushion vinyl from £21 per m2, Natural Trends collection, Toronto cushion vinyl from £26 per m2 and Aspire collection, Estrella cushion vinyl from £21 per m2 LeoLine,

Both patterns and light grey floors can work beautifully in smaller home rooms. From creating space and calm in galley kitchens to adding a playful twist to bathrooms and hallways.

Stone Style

left to right Moduleo LayRed Volterra 46919, Moduleo LayRed York Stone 46112 and Moduleo LayRed York Stone 46934 from £47.99 per m2, Moduleo

Stone looks and comfort go hand in hand with Moduleo’s LayRed collection. Designs replicate the look and feel of stone without the worry of cold feet or compromising on style.

From Classic to Rustic

left Blos Base, Silk Oak Dark Grey vinyl from £37.99 per m2, right Oro, Volcanic Rock vinyl from £39.99 per m2, Quick-Step,

Grey is a universal tone that isn’t limited by style, so whether paired with traditional, modernist or rustic accessories, it will provide a robust and timeless foundation.

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