Gold Standard Nutrition’s NEW Generously Filled Wraps Are Perfectly Poised To Support Today’s Healthier Snacking Ambitions

As a general rule of thumb, breads are often pigeonholed as tasty but unwelcome carb generators, a rather lop-sided opinion of this popular mealtime staple, which if eaten sensibly can be a discerning yet versatile ‘energy essential’ packed with beneficial fibre, iron & calcium.

This is one key reason why Gold Standard Nutrition, a business historically best known for supplying protein-rich meals and snack pots to homes, gym/leisure centres and university campuses saw a low carb opportunity to extend its on-the-go reach by creating a range of convenient/protein-rich wraps.

Available in: Sweet Chilli Chicken, Chicken Tikka, BBQ Chicken, Full English Breakfast PLUS a limited edition, Festive Feast (roast chicken, turkey bacon, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce) The Gold Standard team have created the perfect on-the-hoof treat for time-poor, health-conscious individuals.

‘As a healthier living meal provider’, suggests Craig Allen, ‘we knew we wanted to build upon our hugely successful Pots-of-Gold hero range by creating yet another self-contained yet convenient eat that can be effortlessly consumed on-the-hoof.  Whilst recognising that bread-based products need to be consumed in moderation, we saw real scope to tap into the versatility and far-reaching appeal of a nutritionally balanced tortilla.’

The speed with which this new range has been adopted by college campuses, independent gyms & leisure services, ambulance, police, fire stations has surpassed even the healthy food pioneer’s aspirations, accelerating distribution range extension plans for early 2024 (airlines, foodservice, garage forecourts, indie food stores & chains when healthier living alternatives are in high demand.

‘Our range,’ concludes Craig, ‘resonates with the growing appetite for athleisure (healthier living lifestyles) which craves ever greater choice when it comes to tasty, quality nutrition that supports regular exercise. ‘

Each 175g wrap offers between 314-363kcals & 20-21g of protein / RSP £2.99

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