FSN Capital Attends COP28 as Private Equity Poised to Become Catalyst of the Green Transition

FSN Capital, a leading Northern European private equity firm, will join the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) in support of its ambition to be an effective catalyst in funding and scaling the Green Transition while generating above-market returns for investors. As the world converges in Dubai to address the $40 trillion funding gap holding back the transition to a low-carbon economy, FSN Capital has committed to being a pathbreaker in its industry and setting a positive example for others to follow by driving its 30 companies to net-zero and funding and scaling solutions to combat climate change while rewarding investors with exceptional returns.

“The private equity industry is perfectly situated to drive exactly the kind of transformation we need today for a sustainable future,” said Frode Strand-Nielsen, Founder and Chairperson at FSN Capital, noting that the industry’s core expertise lies in raising institutional capital, identifying pioneering companies and ideas with excellent potential, and rapidly scaling them to meet the demands of the transition to a sustainable economy. FSN Capital, together with its peers, is poised to address these challenges head-on, transforming the conventional economy into the green economy of tomorrow. “The Green Transition is the largest capital reallocation in a generation and the investment opportunity of a lifetime,” Strand-Nielsen remarked.

Recognizing that for companies decarbonization is not a mere environmental checkbox but a cornerstone of market competitiveness and corporate longevity, FSN Capital’s attendance at COP28 expresses its commitment to creating new pathways for action that drive the industry forward. Integral in the development of industry guidelines for setting Science Based Targets for decarbonization in private equity, FSN Capital was also among the first six private equity firms in the world to have its targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative.

“Our participation at COP28 is a testament to our belief that private equity can, and will, be a driving force in the global shift towards a low-carbon society,” explained Rebecca Svensøy, General Counsel and Head of ESG at FSN Capital, adding that decarbonization is also a driver of commercial value. Committed to responsible investment since its inception, FSN Capital is today working with portfolio companies to achieve net-zero and capitalize on decarbonization’s potential to drive EBITDA and top line growth, mitigate risk, and increase multiples at exit.

FSN Capital’s commitment to creating new decarbonization pathways extends beyond COP28, with the firm pledging to continue its advocacy for increased ambition on Net-Zero and to share its insights and methodologies with the broader industry.

Featured Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash.

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