Fortune telling toy predicts November Election

Looking to predict the date of the next UK election? Or the winning party? A global toy company based in Scotland has the answers. Actually they have the answers to any question you would like to ask.

One for Fun Ltd (who have created many toy crazes including fidget spinners and Alien Eggs) have just discovered the Scrunchems Fortune Teller Squish Ball. This modern oracle will be launched this week at London Toy Fair. The ball is a simple squishy ball with the added power of divination. Julie Pittilla, company spokesperson says: “It’s already predicted a November election and I am hoping next week it will confirm the winning lottery numbers”

“Just pose a question and then concentrate very hard as you squeeze the fortune telling ball and the answer will appear like magic. As an experiment, 50 people asked the ball if there would be a November election and the ball said yes 46 times. I think the four times can be written off as user error” she added.

She continues, ‘the Scrunchems fortune teller squish ball is being launched at London Toy Fair held at Olympia this week. As soon as we have more stock, I will be sending one to Number 10. Advance sales have been predictably high’.

Over the years there have been many forms of divination, from throwing knuckle bones to reading asparagus. Common forms of fortune telling involved animals from chickens to marine creatures. Eight legged pundits included Ollie the Octopus from Anglesey Sea Zoo who predicted that Trump would win the US Election and Paul, a German octopus, who was famous for predicting the results of football games.

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