Fadata Ecosystem Promises Data Migration Efficiency with Dacon Partnership

Fadata and dacon have partnered to deliver insurers a seamless and secure data migration experience. Joining the Fadata Ecosystem, dacon’s specialised technology will provide Fadata clients with the most efficient processes essential to handling data migration, as Fadata looks to employ expert solutions in an increasingly data-driven landscape.

The Fadata Ecosystem is expanding rapidly, onboarding best-of-breed strategic partners, selected to enhance Fadata’s single core solution, INSIS. By tapping into Fadata’s pre-integrated enterprise solution, insurers gain instant access to the finest technology to achieve digital transformation. The synergy of a multitude of experts not only delivers the most relevant solutions with speedier, more efficient deployment to meet targets, but most considerably, assures peace of mind for the risk averse.

With this new signing, Fadata clients can now directly leverage dacon’s expertise in insurance data migration to seamlessly transition their data while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. The collaboration between these two industry leaders will undoubtedly simplify and enhance data migration for insurance companies and their system integration projects.

Sebastian Brendgen, Managing Partner of dacon, comments: “Managing the complexities of data migration is sensitive. It requires maximum know-how and a lot of care. Our highly secure, specialist migration tool moves sensitive policy holder and financial data between systems in a professional manner. As Fadata clients undergo upgrading their technology, we look forward to supporting and accelerating their smooth transition and assuring data integrity. When working with partners, we look to shared values and a unified mindset. With Fadata, we share a passion for innovation, problem solving, and developing sustainable solutions. Our collaboration will positively serve the insurance industry.”

Neyko Bratoev, Head of Fadata Ecosystem, comments: “Partnering with dacon ensures our clients a smooth transition during data migrations which ultimately minimizes downtime. The experience dacon has with data migration for insurance companies is renowned, so we are delighted to be partnering with such a trusted peer in the insurance industry. We already have a mapping between INSIS data model and dacon’s solution, so immediately we can begin to optimise our clients’ data projects.”

Fadata’s Ecosystem of partners encourages the collaboration of leading tech companies in an open environment. As Ecosystem develops, the capabilities of new technology and innovations can be easily implemented, actualizing significant benefits for insurers. Fadata is paving the way for the industry to make leaps and bounds in a new digital era and be ready to react and adapt to changing customer needs as the industry transforms to become more customer-centric. For more information, explore Fadata Ecosystem.

Featured Photo by Rock Staar on Unsplash.

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