Emerging Sustainable Hotspot Revealed as the Market’s Next Innovator & Disruptor

Where our office sits. London, arguably the world’s most famous city. With a history extending over 2000 years, establishing a metropolis is neither an easy nor a quick feat… This month’s Innovation & Disruption series features conversations with key decision-makers at Iskandar Investment Berhad on CBS News. This corporation is not only taking steps towards innovating business but towards developing an entire city.

“The path to a sustainable future is built upon the foundation of progress” claims Iskandar Investment Berhad’s President/CEO, Dato’ Idzham Mohd Hashim. This revolutionary statement encapsulates the ways that businesses should innovate and disrupt the market. Not only should corporations utilise their own visions as a business blueprint but they should anticipate the world’s future into these blueprints, creating a so-called ‘greenprint’.

Acumen Media (formerly known as TBD Media Group and recently acquired by Acumen International Investment Group), are excited to document a business that takes their path, journey and pinnacles literally on the Acumen Stories website and YouTube channel. Iskandar Investment Berhad don’t merely use these words rhetorically. Instead, this business works tirelessly with the education, tourism, leisure, creative, and health sectors to give Iskandar Malaysia the means to grow into a thriving and sustainable metropolis.

The symbiotic ties that unite us all geographically, physically and technologically must be captured by today’s promising new corporations in order to be the innovators of tomorrow. Iskandar Investment’s holistic aims to develop the region via investment, asset management and property development all work to change the urban, cultural and financial landscape of Malaysia and the world.

Using the power of visual storytelling, Acumen Media captures the stories of today’s innovators and disruptors before they permanently change the future of tomorrow. The Innovation & Disruption Leaders series helps inspire both laymen and business leaders to be brave by disrupting the market, changing both cultural and geographical terrain.

Featured Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash.

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