Easter in Colours’ by Pierre Marcolini

‘Easter in colours’
By Pierre Marcolini

Available online and in boutiques from 23rdFebruary 2024

Pleasure enjoyed in its purest form Spring is the time to rediscover all the cheerful colours that brighten the flowers, the budding new shoots and the vibrant leaves. The new Easter Collection created by Pierre Marcolini features a selection of brightly coloured eggs that embody this blossoming bounty and, above all, respect for nature.

Fireworks of Flavours and colours

Exceptional cocoa beans, delicious walnuts, mouthwatering pistachios: Pierre Marcolini delights our taste buds by selecting the best ingredients, with a commitment to enhancing the environment. Consequently, this explosion of colour is created solely from natural colourings sourced from fruits and vegetables. It is in the Brussels-based workshop of Maison Pierre Marcolini that the collection of coloured powders created from spirulina, blackcurrant, radish, lemon and even saffower are developed to adorn the little Easter eggs.

2024 Easter Highlights

Easter Eggs 250g (£37.00) and 500g (£57.000)

In spring, it’s time to think big! Eggs of 250g or 500g make a truly spectacular centrepiece for your Easter table! Dark, milk or white chocolate shells, with six natural colourings and an explosion of dried fruits to add to the appeal: toasted hazelnuts, pistachios, caramel treats, raspberry, mango and even pieces of nougat. Much more than just a big egg… inside you’ll and a tonne of little eggs in various flavours. Will you be able to wait to the end of the meal? 3flavours – 2 formats – 6 colour variations

A rainbow of little crunchy, praline eggs. Box of 12, £23.00/Box of 30 £39.00

Pierre Marcolini has created small praline eggs in six irresistible flavours. Clean lines and ultra-indulgent centres, the shells are made from house speciality chocolate combined with natural coloured powders in shades of red and blue, along with orange and yellow.

Easter Bunny Box, £16.90

Too hard to choose? A charming little coloured box in the shape of the Easter Bunny offers the perfect mix. It contains an assortment of 14 Easter creations: praline eggs with biscuits, little bunnies and Easter bells. 3,2,1… go! The hunt for gourmet treats is on!

Marshmallow Bunny, £9.90

We’ve never needed so much tenderness. So, let’s indulge with this big-eared marshmallow, flavoured with Madagascan vanilla and coated in Pierre Marcolini milk chocolate. Available only in store.

The ‘Easter in Colours’ collection is available from the Pierre Marcolini Boutique, counters in Selfridges, Harrods and via the PME.Boutique.

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