Construction work progresses on 441 new homes in Lambeth

Work has recommenced on the Geoffrey Close regeneration project that will create a community of 441 new homes in Lambeth.

The development is a joint venture between registered social housing provider Riverside and housebuilder Bellway London.

Located on Geoffrey Close – off Flaxman Road, Lilford Road and Kenbury Street – the site will provide 135 modern homes to replace the existing properties on Geoffrey Close. It will also deliver 35 Shared Ownership homes, 27 London Living Rent homes and 241 homes for private sale.

As a development priority, the first residents from the existing properties are expected to move into their new homes, in Block A, as part of a phased programme from early 2026.

Preliminary work took place last year, including the removal of concrete bollards and the demolition of pram sheds and bin stores.

The site has now been secured and closed off to all vehicle access, and works to install hoarding started in March 2024. Mobilisation of the site will begin once the hoarding has been installed, which will then progress to major activities like groundworks.

Nathan Gravesande, Riverside’s Development Director (London), said: “We are thrilled to recommence the works of our latest London housing development project.

“The regeneration of Geoffrey Close reflects Riverside’s very real commitment to provide quality, sustainable living spaces that enhance communities and improve people’s lives. We look forward to our working in collaboration with Bellway London, as well as all the stakeholders, in bringing this project from concept to reality.”

William Weston-Smith, Bellway London’s Head of Land, said: “This landmark development will create contemporary, well-designed new homes for people in Lambeth.

“Once the initial block is complete, residents from the first Geoffrey Close block will move in and start settling into high-quality, modern homes here. The development will be an attractive and desirable place to live, which will enable the existing community and neighbours to stay together.”

Work on the new homes will be carefully phased so that residents currently living in one of the Geoffrey Close blocks will be the first to move into Block A of the new development. This will be a six-storey block including 25 affordable rent homes and it is expected to be complete in January 2026.

After that residents from the remaining Geoffrey Close homes, as well as those currently living in the Canterbury Close block, will move into Block B, which is expected to be built between summer 2026 and summer 2028.

Block C is currently planned for construction between winter 2028 and summer 2031 and once complete, people living in the York Close block will move in there.

As residents move into their new properties, their old buildings will be demolished to make way for the rest of the scheme.

Construction of Blocks D to F is expected to take place between winter 2031 and summer 2036.

As part of the planning agreement for the scheme Riverside and Bellway London will pay for the provision of local green spaces, and improvements to public transport and parking. Money will also be paid to offset the carbon footprint of the project and to help provide jobs and skills for people in Lambeth through the London Borough of Lambeth Employment and Skills team.

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