Christmas And Chill: Nearly Half (47%) Of Brits Are Stressing Over The Christmas Dinner

Not having enough space in the oven (37%), timing issues (37%), and cooking multiple dishes at once (34%) top the list when it comes to yuletide dinner dilemmas

The Samsung Series 7 Bespoke AI Oven can relieve the cooking stress, help hosts stay chilled and enjoy more quality time with family and friends

According to research by Samsung UK, nearly half (47%) of Brits are stressing over the Christmas Dinner.

And when in charge of the cooking, over a third (33%) feel like they miss out on spending quality time with family or friends on Christmas Day, because of kitchen pressures.

Consequently, nearly a third (30%) of UK adults believe that having smarter technology in the kitchen would improve the process of cooking the Christmas dinner. With Londoners being the most keen (53%), closely followed by Northern Ireland (42%) and the Scots (38%).

With less than two weeks to go, the Samsung Series 7 Bespoke AI Oven aims to make meal prep simple by taking on the role of the sous-chef and allowing the host to have more quality time to relax, with friends and family, and catch the Christmas specials.

The oven is armed with features to overcome the most common Christmas dinner dilemmas such as not having enough space in the oven (37%), timing issues (37%), and cooking multiple dishes at once (34%). For instance, it has different upper and lower zones that can operate independently at different temperatures, you can make sure the turkey is roasting above whilst the vegetables are steaming below. Enabling you to serve on time and to perfection, without a bead of sweat in sight!

With the Bespoke AI Oven’s internal camera, powerful AI and Sense Inside feature, the oven can suggest cooking settings by recognising many dishes and ingredients, including the seasonal favourites.

A frustration for those that are hosting is the need to pop into the kitchen every five minutes to check on the food. But what if you could play a board game whilst checking on the roasties? Those using the Bespoke AI Oven can pair it with the SmartThings App [1]and tap View Inside on a smartphone, tablet or TV to see check the food in real-time. Hosts can also leverage the oven’s connected cooking probe and remotely monitor the internal temperature of their meat. The app will notify you when the perfect cooking temperature has been achieved.

Right now, people up and down the country are already busy compiling shopping lists and getting ready for the big day. With the Samsung Food app that is available across multiple devices including your phone, tablet and TV and on Android or iOS, you are able to effortlessly find menu inspiration, plan the day’s meals, easily compile ingredient lists, compare prices for your shopping across popular supermarkets, and even adapt recipes to cater for different dietary requirements. Therefore, families can plan the Christmas meal in advance and input the leftovers into the app to suggest new recipes, so nothing goes to waste the day after.

Tanya Weller, Marketing Director of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, said:

“Every year we face the same challenges around the big day. The Christmas dinner is the main event and we put so much pressure around it being ‘perfect’.

“When we design new features and technology in our ovens, we are thinking about how we can make our customers’ lives easier so they can focus on what matters to them. From menu inspiration to checking the oven whilst you watch the Christmas movie, you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else joins in the festivities. So, this Christmas let the Samsung Series 7 Bespoke AI Oven do the hard work and enjoy a stress-free feast, while you spend time with the people you love.”

The research also found some interesting wider Christmas challenges per region. Northern Ireland topped the list of most likely to overcook the turkey (26%), Londoners spent the longest to prepare the dinner taking three to four hours on average (32%) and almost a fifth (18%) of the Northeast struggle to nail gravy – too thick or too thin, they can’t win.

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