Cheshire entrepreneur Emma Guy shortlisted for Northern Power Women Award

A business woman’s passion for inspiring others to be the best version of themselves has impressed judges seeking relatable role models.

Known for drawing from her own life experience to give back to those she works alongside, Emma Guy is a contender for ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ at the Northern Power Women Awards.

“This nomination means a lot to me,” said Emma, who lives in Northwich, Cheshire.

“I believe strongly that women can be innovative leaders in the workplace, inspiring change for the better, and that’s something I always attempt to embody in the roles I have.”

She is Chief Commercial Officer at Aqueous Digital, a rapidly growing family-run digital marketing agency that she founded more than a decade ago with her husband, Jonathan.

Emma, an experienced practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also owns and runs award-winning wellness practice Acupuncture That Works.

She is an ambassador for the charity, Prevent Breast Cancer, and recently elected as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Halton Haven Hospice in Runcorn.

After her own diagnosis for breast cancer in 2016, her treatment – which included surgery – meant she went through menopause earlier than most.

It’s why she cherishes her work as a volunteer, and she uses her professional skill as an acupuncturist to support those whose story is similar.

Her debut book, The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother, shares knowledge gained during her own journey as well as from conversations with others at different stages of theirs.

Started as a Facebook page during the first lockdown in England of the coronavirus pandemic after Emma’s clinic was forced to close temporarily and complemented later by a private group and a website, it provided a safe space for ladies to find solidarity as well as access advice.

“Emma’s compassion makes her stand out as a colleague,” said Paula Robinson, Operations Director at Aqueous.

“She’s insistent staff wellbeing is a priority, and I know that team members appreciate that empathy if they’re having a hard time or need additional emotional support.

“I do think that her resourcefulness, proven by an ability to come out on top in the most stressful and trying of circumstances – whether it’s personally or professionally – does have a positive impact when it comes to the success of the business.”

The eighth edition of the Northern Power Women Awards is scheduled to take place in Manchester in March.

This year, organisers report they received more than 1,400 entries that have been reduced to 90 finalists across several categories.

The event aspires to recognise role models who are shifting the dial towards a more gender equal world, and markets itself as the largest celebration of gender equality in Europe.

Emma added: “It’s a little overwhelming to see my name on the shortlist.

“Helping others is integral to my working life, no matter what that looks like; it could be investing in training, being a mentor, or giving back to the community in some way.

“I don’t define myself as inspirational at all, and I often say to people that know me well: ‘I’m just me’.”

Featured Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash.

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