Chef reveals the ultimate food and scent pairings for the perfect Christmas dinner

As December 25th draws closer, this brings thoughts of delicious Christmas dinners piled up high. 

And now, scent experts and chefs have revealed that having the right scents on the day can elevate your Christmas dinner to a new level. 

With our sense of smell responsible for around 80% of what we taste, scent aficionados at Supplies For Candles have joined forces with a chef to share the best candle and food pairings for your Christmas starter, main course and pudding. 

Norah Clark, Pastry Chef and Food Editor explains, “Scented candles can create a multisensory dining experience, enhancing flavours and setting the right mood. The key is to harmonise scents with the meal, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the food and drink.” 

How to create the perfect Christmas dining experience with candles 

Starter – Prawn cocktail – fresh, oceanic scents

For your starter this festive season, choose lighter, fresh scents. “Go for fresh and oceanic scents like sea breeze or cucumber to match the seafood’s freshness.” Norah recommends. 

Main course – Christmas dinner – warm, earthy scents 

If you want to make this Christmas dinner one to remember, make sure you’re prepared with candles to complement the cooking. Norah says, “opt for warm and earthy scents, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and rosemary, to create a festive atmosphere.” 

Dessert – Christmas pudding – sweet, spicy scents

When it’s time to get dessert out, switch up the scents in the room to complement it. For a classic Christmas pudding, Norah explains that “sweet and spicy scents like vanilla, clove, and orange zest enhance the dessert’s flavours.” 

Nicky Story, founder at Supplies For Candles, comments: 

“Candles are the perfect way to set the ideal dinner party ambience this Christmas – and many don’t realise how scented candles can make the meal taste even better!  

“When pairing candles with food, you engage multiple senses and can perfectly complement the flavours on the plate with harmonising scents. Remember, subtlety is key; you want the candle’s aroma to complement, not overpower, your dish.” 

For more advice on creating the ultimate dining experience with scented candles, visit the Supplies For Candles blog:

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