Celebrate This Chinese New Year with Newby Teas’ Year of the Dragon Tea Caddy

In China, being born a Dragon is considered highly auspicious, such is the regard in which they are held. Passionate, driven and natural leaders, these charismatic characteristics of the 5th animal out of the 12 from the Chinese zodiac chart are thought to be destined for success. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon this Chinese New Year with Newby’s limited-edition Year of the Dragon Tea Caddy (125g), £20, depicting the Chinese zodiac’s only mythical creature – one imbued with dignity, honour and good luck – in red and gold, the colours of abundance, wealth, success and happiness. You might even share in the Dragon’s good fortune and prosperity.

Brew with freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes for a robust second-flush Assam tea imbued with the subtle flavour of the highest quality almonds. Full-bodied, with a smooth, malty cup and a prolonged sweet aftertaste.

Ingredients: Black tea, almond* pieces, natural almond* flavouring.

* Allergens: contains nuts.

About Newby:

Newby is the world’s most awarded luxury tea brand. Inspired by tea heritage and served at five-star hotels, restaurants and cultural venues around the world, Newby was founded in London at the turn of the millennium with a clear mission – to reintroduce quality tea and revive the world’s love for it.

Only the first and second flush leaves – those picked in prime season from March to July – go into Newby products. Their tea is shipped directly to a unique, state-of-the-art preservation, storage, blending and packing facility in India, which is strategically located in the heart of all the fine tea-growing regions of the world thus reducing transit time to preserve quality.

With more than 140 awards to date, Newby Teas is world’s most highly-awarded luxury tea company. They are recognised internationally by the industry’s most prestigious awards, such as the Global Tea Championship.

From individual caddies to assortment sets and teaware, their full range of award-winning blends and brewing guide can be found online at newbyteas.com, selfridges.com and harrods.com. They also have boutiques in Gstaad, Switzerland, Tea Majlis, Abu Dhabi UAE and Park Hyatt, Dubai UAE.

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