CBS News recognizes Unison Capital as a leader in Innovation and Disruption

Unison Capital Group (“Unison Capital”), a leading private equity firm in Japan, participates in the “Innovation & Disruption Leaders Series” led by TBD Media and covered by CBS News. The documentary series showcases leaders and businesses that have adapted and modernized their strategies to respond to the global change. Unison Capital was selected as a representative of the private equity industry where the importance of governance and leadership in making measurable impact in improving the health and wellbeing of local populations whilst protecting investors’ interests was emphasized.

Through its subsidiary Community Healthcare Coordination Platform, Inc. (“CHCP”), Unison Capital has become by far Japan’s largest private owner of healthcare assets comprised of hospitals, pharmacies, home nursing stations, and dental clinics through a roll-up strategy bringing great efficiency. Dr Shinsuke Muto, Chairman of CHCP, noted that CHCP will continue to expand throughout Japan and bring greater expertise and efficiency to improve the sustainability of Japan’s healthcare system.

Unison Capital’s latest expansion into the Indo-Pacific region will employ the “Circular Economy Model” which consists of applying the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to three significant sectors, namely Materials Reuse and Recovery, Efficient Use of Energy and Resources, and Health and Wellbeing. These sectors, despite having an extremely large potential for growth, lack infrastructure, technology, and governance for which Unison Capital will form building blocks to bridge the gap. Ideation3x Private Limited (“Ideation3X”), one of India’s first end-to-end waste management platforms and a flagship portfolio company highlighting Unison Capital’s expansion into India, is a prime example of this approach.

As Unison Capital celebrates its 25th year anniversary this year, the future looks very promising. Tatsuya Hayashi, Partner, Co-Founder and Representative Director of Unison Capital, noted, “We are looking forward to the next 25 years with more energy and passion doing what we do best – private equity.”

The documentary showcases Unison Capital’s philosophy, vision, and mission, and includes appearances from Tatsuya Hayashi, Partner, Co-Founder and Representative Director of Unison Capital Inc., Osamu Yamamoto, Partner of Unison Capital, Inc. and CEO of Unison Capital Management Pte. Ltd., Dr Shinsuke Muto, Chairman of CHCP, and Dr Manoj Jain, Founder and Executive Chairman of Ideation3x.

Featured Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash.

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