BTS Helps Unleash the Power of a Simulation Culture

BTS GROUP AB (publ), a world-leading strategy implementation firm, is pleased to announce that Jessica Skon, CEO of BTS Group, has been featured in The Forum Interviews by Acumen, speaking on simulation culture.

The concept of a simulation culture, long harnessed by the tech industry, is now rapidly making its way into the mainstream business landscape. Simulation culture is an integral part of how high-performing companies find sustained success. It is built on the idea that preparation, high-fidelity practice, visualization, scenario planning, and probabilistic modelling drive better decision-making, improved ways of working, more profitable projects, higher win rates, closer client relationships, and bottom-line growth.

BTS helps the world’s leading companies develop simulation cultures. This trend is fueled by Enterprise AI technology and what is required for high performing teams to constantly adapt at scale. The simulation culture approach is completely different to traditional consulting; it honors and strengthens the company’s unique strategy, culture, and high-performance standards.

Simulations enable organizations to find problems at the least costly phase of a project and ultimately go to market sooner, visualize complex strategies and ways of working to align thousands in a day, improve decision making and capital allocation, and ready leaders for bigger jobs. But simulation culture is more profound than that. It naturally forces concurrent cross-functional co-design, and organically aligns internal teams. A simulation culture institutionalizes a spirit of high performance, team ownership, and comradery.

“Simulation culture is THE game changer on the horizon for driving business growth and outpacing the competition,” says Jessica Skon, Global CEO, BTS Group. “The trends that have created the environment ripe for the rise of simulation culture – AI, macroeconomic disruption, and the need to pivot and scale new ways of working, fast – are only going to continue to demand more of leaders, teams and their organizations. We look forward to partnering with our clients to lead the way.”

Featured Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash.

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