Brothers cider unveils free-spirited new relaunch and four fresh new flavours

15th generation family-owned British cider maker, Brothers is excited to announce the total relaunch of the brand, replacing the existing range with four new bold yet simple refreshing fruit flavoured ciders to bring on the good times this year.

Synonymous with free-spirited fun, Brothers’ brand-new canned premium fruit ciders offer something for everyone and are the perfect accompaniment for any occasion to help you kick back, relax and fuel that festival feeling.

Using all natural ingredients and flavourings and now with less sugar, the new Brothers ciders offer a clean thirst-quenching experience.

The colourful new cans, that can easily be chilled, carried, enjoyed and recycled, depict the fresh fruit flavours that await you with each deliciously refreshing sip! So now it’s easier than ever to transport yourself to your happy place and capture that festival feeling, whatever that means to you!

The new Brothers range consists of:

Un-berrylievable (3.4% ABV) Slip into a world of Un-Berrylievable flavours, where crisp apples and juicy berries dance in a perfect cider harmony. A refreshing twist that’ll tickle your taste bud

Berry Sub-Lime (3.4% ABV): Get ready to be tickled by the tangy lime and charmed by the burst of raspberry refreshment in our cider. It’s a playful affair that’ll leave your taste buds giggling

Best of the Zest (3.4% ABV): When life gives you oranges and lemons; we make cider! Our citrus combination will awaken your senses and deliver a refreshing surprise in every sip

App-solutely Pear-fect (7.0% ABV): The best of both worlds. Apple and pear-fection; a refreshingly balanced cider that’s a sip of pure orchard goodness.

Brothers has always been a proud of its roots in Somerset and using apples that come from orchards just six miles from their mill, as well as water that comes from their own on-site spring, these home-grown premium ciders are deliciously authentic and distinctively Brothers.

Always inclusive, Brother’s loves all fruit, no matter what shape or size, which is why each cider is made using all the fruit, wonky and all, to minimise waste and maximise taste!

Plus, to ensure everyone can join in on the good times, all the new range of delicious flavours are Vegan friendly and gluten-free.

New Brothers cider will be available to purchase from Tesco and Morrisons from February and Asda from mid-April, RRP £1.75 for a 500mml can.

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