Best Christmas Beers 2023: Madrí Excepcional


Madrí Excepcional is bringing El Alma de Madrid to the UK with its crisp, refreshing lager 

Madrí Excepcional is a unique collaboration between Spain and the UK. With all the taste characteristics of a Mediterranean-style lager, full of flavour and aroma with a light golden colour, Madrí Excepcional is the perfect drink to enjoy out and about whilst soaking up the culture of the city this Christmas.   

Madrí Excepcional is the product of an exciting collaboration between Molson Coors and La Sagra Brewery, a young innovative brewery with quality and taste at the heart. La Sagra brewery was founded by Carlos Garcia, a first-generation brewer born in Madrid. Madrí Excepcional brings new thinking and creativity to Spanish brewing techniques resulting in a smooth, refreshingly balanced taste. 

With all the taste characteristics of a Mediterranean-style lager, Madrí Excepcional is full of flavour and aroma at 4.6% ABV. It is crisp, clean and refreshing, with a smooth, well-rounded taste profile and a short, bitter finish. Madrí Excepcional has rich, sweet malt leads paired with a subtle biscuit and yeasty earthiness. Its delicate sweetness combined with a pleasing bitterness gives it a clean finish and pleasing aftertaste making it the ultimate tipple this summer.  

Sophie Mitchell, Senior Brand Manager, Madrí Excepcional said: “It has been such an exciting couple of years for Madrí Excepcional, and it is so great to see people enjoying it across the UK especially as we head into the summer months. We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and we are extremely excited to see what the future holds for Madrí Excepcional.” 

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