Adagio congratulates Eric Péron for his remarkable performance on the Arkea Ultim Challenge-Brest

Adagio congratulates Eric Péron for his remarkable performance on the Arkea Ultim Challenge-Brest

66 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes, 27 seconds around the world!

Having left Brest since January 7, 2024, Adagio sailor Eric Peron has just completed his solo round-the-world trip in a maxi-trimaran in 66 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes, 27 seconds and climbed to fifth place in the ranking. A technical and human feat due to the pugnacity and determination of the skipper, supported by the unfailing support of those close to him, his team and his partners!

Eric Peron comments: “I’m very proud to finish this round-the-world race in fifth place, given the competitors around me and the potential of their boat. Proud to join the very select circle of skippers who have completed a solo round-the-world multihull race. And proud of the way my team and I have managed this circumnavigation!

After so many years of preparation as a sailor, I’ve done it, I’ve done what I wanted to do. There were times when I had a hard time of it, but I told myself I was lucky and had no right to complain. When you put things into perspective like that, you can lift mountains.

This round-the-world trip was a bit of a struggle to get things up and running. I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve as a team to set up and manage a project of this scale in such a short space of time. That, too, is a great achievement! Everyone in the team, from technical to operational to communications, worked hard to ensure that everything went smoothly. So well done to them!

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the sponsors who invested in this adventure. To tell great stories like this, you have to dare. You have to take the risk of writing them together. Even though I was all alone on my ULTIM ADAGIO, I was pumped up by the messages of support from all the employees of the companies who are backing me up.”

Adagio, European leader in aparthotels, joined this extraordinary adventure in September 2023 as Title Partner of the boat in order to strengthen its awareness and embody its brand in the most beautiful, modern, dynamic and daring way. Sailing is a demanding, authentic discipline, based on the collective, in which Adagio recognised itself. A perfect partnership.

Xavier Desaulles, CEO of Adagio comments: “Entering the closed circle of 11 sailor-explorers who have completed a solo round-the-world trip in a multihull is an achievement for Eric, his team and his partners. It rewards the determination, audacity and sense of sharing that all stakeholders demonstrated during this unprecedented race.”

The brand indeed shares common values with Eric Péron: audacity, sharing and responsibility, all essential qualities for setting out around the world alone!

During his crossing, Eric Péron achieved notable feats: an ability to adapt to multiple environments with changing conditions, to keep a cool head when he had to climb to the top of his mast at 34m to unlock his listening device. Sailing, to perform while crossing the Pacific in 9D 15H 50M 10S, thus posting the best time during his crossing of Cape Horn, and finally an unfailing enthusiasm and good humor that the sailor has continued to share on social networks.

The boat which is the old Geronimo was certainly not the favorite during this race, but Eric at the helm was once again able to demonstrate its robustness against the elements.

Virginie Barboux, Senior Vice President Customer and Marketing at Adagio, expresses the pride of the Adagio team for this exceptional partnership: “All the Adagio teams congratulate Eric, and his entire team, for this magnificent performance. We are very proud to have been at his side with strength and conviction in this incredible adventure around the world, to have, through this partnership, been able to embody audacity and sharing and to have made our brand resonate with the most beautiful of ways. Eric’s performance is the culmination of an enormous collective effort which was very dear to all of us.”

The activation of the partnership will continue for a few more weeks for Adagio, the time, alongside Eric, to show its customers and members of the ALL (Accor Limit Live) loyalty program behind the scenes of the race.

After a record year in 2023, Adagio continues the implementation of its Next Adagio strategic plan and aiming for 2024 to mark by development and hospitality with new openings in Europe, increased attendance thanks to sports news and large-scale events as well as the continuation of its actions in favor of the transition of cities.

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