A sliver, slice or smidge? New Research reveals what people REALLY mean when they use these phrases

  • New survey finally nails what we mean by different serving sizes, making sharing easier this Christmas
  • Brits admit they ask for ‘just a smidge’ when they really want more and having to cut sweet treats is a source of stress because people don’t say what they really mean
  • Danish bakery, Ole & Steen invites us all to channel our inner ‘Dane’ and ask for the portion our hearts desire

Bamboozled by requests for a sliverslice or smidge when sharing out a cake? A new survey has revealed what Brits REALLY mean when they use these phrases, finally ending slicing confusion by putting millimetre (mm) values to popular serving sayings.

The new survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Danish bakery Ole & Steen, – home of the famous Cinnamon social and other Christmassy treats- has uncovered that our favourite ask is a ‘small slice’ (42%), closely followed by ‘a little piece’ (19%), ‘a sliver’ (9%), a ‘tiny piece’ (7%), ‘a taste’ (6%) and a ‘smidge’ (5%) when it comes to indulging in sweet treats. However, the lingering question remains: what precisely constitutes ‘a sliver,’ ‘just a smidge,’ ‘a tiny piece,’ and ‘just a taste’? Ole & Steen has put this to bed once and for all, revealing that:

  • ‘Just a taste’ measures an average of 15.6mm wide.
  • ‘A sliver’ measures an average of 16.3mm wide.
  • ‘Just a smidge’ measures an average of 16.4mm wide.
  • ‘A tiny piece’ measures an average of 16.9 mm wide.
  • ‘A small slice’ measures an average of 22.7mm wide.

Ole & Steen firmly believes the festive season is a time of indulgence, but 32% of UK adults say they request a small portion out of politeness, secretly hoping for a more substantial serving. Furthermore, those who ask for ‘just a smidge’ are most likely to be dissatisfied with the portion received (64%) – a trait that feels especially British rather than Danish!

This season, Danish bakery Ole & Steenis calling for Brits to channel their inner ‘Dane’ and confidently ask for the ‘real’ portion their heart truly desires. Famed for the ‘Cinnamon Social,’ the all day bakery is celebrating generosity this Christmas with a delectable range of delightfully Danish treats just in time for the holidays. The brand’s new limited-edition Mince Pie Social is the ultimate plentiful festive pastry treat.  Featuring a blend of Christmas spices and vanilla custard, topped with cinnamon and nutmeg icing, sultanas and candied mixed peel, there’s no need to cut a ‘sliver’ or ‘smidge’, the Social (48 cm in length) is big enough for everyone to have multiple portions.

Helen Hyland, Senior Marketing Manager at Ole & Steen comments, “Tis the season for spreading joy, forging memories, and embracing the generous spirit of the season. We’ve settled an ongoing debate once and for all and hope be it a ‘sliver,’ a ‘little piece,’ a ‘smidge,’ or a ‘slice, everyone will be able to enjoy a delicious Christmas.”

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